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2011 OpenSim Grid Survey

December 9, 2011

Hypergrid Business is conducting a survey of open grid residents to find out about their experience on grids such as InWorldz

Maria Korolov states that “The goal of this survey is to help potential new residents and merchants identify grids they’d want to visit — and to help alleviate some of the fears that people have about OpenSim grids.”

So pop over there and let her know about the grid you spend most of your time on. Results will be available next week.


Copyright myths

August 8, 2011

Over on Hypergrid Business Maria Korolov has written a very clear and succinct piece on copyright myths. How to lose your copyright in three easy steps covers the misconceptions and harmful myths around copyright that keep creators form sharing their work.
So I encourage you to make a cuppa, pop over to Hypergrid Business and have a read of Maria Korolov’s clear informative article.


I am still exploring this world

May 19, 2009

This virtual world still fascinates me I just have not been blogging about it but tonight I decided to break the silence and once again engage with this blog.

Lost worlds sim

The place will have to have a spring clean and dusting perhaps even a new banner.

In the meanwhile here are two screenshots taken last night on the Beguile aka  Lost Worlds sim. There are loads of nooks and crannies to explore in this sim and I am sure I will return again to it.

Lost worlds sim at sunset

Lost worlds sim at sunset

I also discovered there is a Subscribe-O-Matic group you can join (which means it does not take the space of  one of your Sl groups)  It will keep you in touch with events and since the sim also houses a gallery I assume arts news and events are included.  I joined up so I guess I will find out!



Broadband speed in Australia is very very very slow…

July 27, 2007

I am always belly aching about broadband speed in Australia. Recently the OECD has released a 310-page report entitled OECD Communications Outlook 2007 (available as a PDF file)

Between the covers of this report there is some interesting comparisons of broadband access, speed and price. Not only is Australia is slow to take up broadband but when data was gathered in October 2006 for this report we had the second lowest download speed across the whole OECD! From my own personal experience I haven’t seen any improvement since October last year. I am sure price and speed have something to do with the take up rate of broadband as when you look at this graph you can see just how bad the service is in this country.

Thanks to SLOZ for bringing this report to my attention