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Part Two of the Susa Bubble exhibition

July 26, 2009

I have written before about the evocative and haunting work of Rose Borchovski so it was with great interest I read the invitation to view part two of the Susa Bubble exhibition.

This exhibition is held in the in a bigger and more suitable space at the new S&S Gallery of Fine Arts and it did not disappoint me.

Told in text and image,
A sweet but savage telling,
About how Susa doubles up
And how she cannot handle to be out of balance,
And despite her good willing to do better,
Susa tumbles down, and with her all the other Susas.

When this exhibition opened last night the sim was so full I could not get in. I managed to pop along and see it today. As I have said before the stories of Rose Borchovski interrogate what it is to be virtual, which highlights the age old question of what it is to be human- so don’t miss it.

SLURL: to the new S&S Gallery of Fine Arts


I have a new toy

July 25, 2009

I have been having  a load of fun fiddling about with cushions – yes cushions! Simple, I know but I have been exploring texturing them just for the fun of it.

Actually it turned into fun because of a niffty building tool from Adroit Systems. It is a pose positioning system which is very easy to use even for a basic builder like myself.

You don’t have to use ugly pose balls and it is so easy it turned making these cushions into a fun evening rather than a trial trying to position my avatar properly as the “Posit” system allows the avatar position and rotation to be adjusted.

Not only that but Posit allows the camera view to be explicitly set to as you want it, for each seating position.

Directions are easily understood, so if you are not a crash hot builder it’s Ok and the woman who built it, Peri Lorefield is very approachable, and helpful.

I am not affiliated in any way with this product or Adriot Systems.  Nor do I stand to gain financially from this. I am just a happy customer … now I just have to find some full perm sit poses at a reasonable price

SLURL to Adriot Systems

Adroit System on Xstreet


A new look S&S Gallery of Fine Arts

July 9, 2009

Recently S&S Gallery of Fine Arts remodelled itself and I like the changes.

Situated on a garden island are unobtrusive buildings housing artists works some of which are mine. This is what the artist’s spaces look like. There is more space and less clutter to the eye and I thought I would share a few screenshots.

When you visit you can stroll about and take in the atmosphere or spend your time in the gallery spaces focusing on the artworks.

Pay a visit to the new look S&S Gallery of Fine Arts as I think you will enjoy the experience.

SLURL to S&S Gallery of Fine Arts


Tutorial available

July 1, 2009

Over on Discover the Virtual World, Rykerbeck has written a very good tutorial on Removing a Green Screen With Photoshop or GIMP. It’s a good tutorial with some good tips and Rykerbeck has covered both programs well.


Aussie government censorship will not effect Second Life

July 1, 2009

Rumors in world have been more active than usual since the Sydney Morning Herald published a story that said web Filters were to censor video games including online games like Second Life. When I read it I dismissed the story  as probably bad reporting.  I have developed a very synical view on how anything to do with the net is reported by mainstream media, let alone how virtual worlds are covered.

I am pleased I dismissed the story  as both Dusan Writer’s and New World Notes have published comments from a Linden Lab spokesperson who had looked into this issue which states that there is no indication from the Australian government that it plans to block Second Life.

Ever since the rumor started, I have not been inworld once, without people talking about it. My annoyance peaked last night in a well known clothing store,  I could not help but over hear inopen chat, how stupid Australian’s were for allowing a government to interfere with online games.

So ddear reader, this post is more about being able to store and point to a few links that covered the issue rather than grit my teeth behind the screen while the rumor spreads.