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Machinima overview of photo contest exhibit

February 25, 2011

Bradd Laval has created a fly through of the InWorldz Photo contest for 2011

If it has peaked your curiosity for full information see this thread in the InWorldz forum or visit the curators blog The Virtual World of Us


InWorldz Photo contest exhibit is open

February 24, 2011

The exhibition for the the first InWorldz Photo contest for 2011 has opened.

As soon as I spotted the announcement on the InWorldz forum I scooted over to take a peak.

With 35,000 Iz to win there has been a good number of entries.

There are 4 categories that will be judged by a jury and another category which is a “publics favourite” which means if you visit the show you can can drop a notecard in the vote box

I warn you there is many high quality entries and voting for 1 is hard.

How do you get there? A Link is posted in the forum here


InWorldz Freebie Finders is celebrating its 500th Member

February 22, 2011

The InWorldz Freebie Finders is celebrating attaining the 500 Member stage with drumroll you guessed it a gift event. It is well worth checking out. There are a pile of gifts to collect.

Look at these high waisted pants from Indie Rose. I love them! The blouse is also part of the gift.

How do you join the group? How do you get to the gift shop? This thread in the InWorldz forum gives out the location and if you have not already seen the signs about InWorldz then drop a request to 1angelcares Writer the founder of the group. You will find her if you do a quick search under the people tab.I am sure she will send you an invite.

Credits to our designers

  • Casual long sleeved blouse by Angelina Eizenberg of Indie Rose for the InWorldz Freebie Finders 500 Member free gift event
  • High waisted trousers by Angelina Eizenberg of Indie Rose for the InWorldz Freebie Finders 500 Member free gift event
  • Hair by Sunny Whitfield of Sun Made Fashions
  • Earings by Eolande Elvehjem of Eolande’s Jewelry
  • Boots by Cherry Cheevers of DollyRock
  • Skin by Lorac Farella of Pulse
  • Eyes by Bellamy DeVille
  • Lashes by Raven Callisto of 7 Deadly prims
  • Scarf by me – Teal Etzel
  • Photographed at Mille in the Old Mill gardens

InWorldz Valentine hunt gifts

February 16, 2011

Tonight, I started going through the InWorldz Valentine hunt gifts. (I am determined to keep this inventory under control. This goal is probably overly optimistic but I can have fantasies…)

Anyway checking out the goodies was fun and look at this gem of a prize created by Piratelilly Topaz of Topaz designs. This swing is a great gift.

There have been a few glitches with the script that is inside the chests has been causing crashes. If you decline the Landmark and Accept the gift it seems to work fine but then of course you dont know the next stop along the way…

Stefanik came to the rescue and has produced a list of each of the stops in a notecard. You can collect it from the green post in the Coffee Shop which is the first stop in the hunt. If you are looking for the first stop check Stefanik Dagostino’s pics as the coffee shop is listed there.

OK back to my prize unpacking  … Teal smiles waves and optimistically toddles off into the sunset with a half organized inventory…


Something to contemplate over a cuppa

February 15, 2011

Over on Hypergrid Business, Iggy O has drawn on his PhD work looking at the history of technological systems and how the public responded to them, to examine paths not taken, and mistakes made by Linden Lab.
Failure to Disrupt: Why Second Life Failed is definitely worth reading over your coffee break and considering when venturing into other 3D worlds.

“This is not an obit. At the same time, only the most ardent SL-cheerleaders would deny that the virtual world has stagnated. In the case of education, I expect no more than a gradual decline in participation.  Other worlds await us, and many of them are linked together and provide content. When I saw a noted artist from SL building in InWorldz, I knew something tectonic had shifted.”