Week in Progress – Week 7

January 13, 2011

I know I am a fraction late but as usual I have been a bit busy. It is the last week of my annual leave so from now on building type activity will slow a little. Dont worry I will still be making stuff and I still have loads of plans for this place  but progress will be at a more steady rate and what I make will not be quite as large.

I went Roman this week. In the lowest area of the sim I have build a ruin – or started to build a ruin.

The actual bath area needs to be completed as I plan to place a building on top of it. I will also add water etc but at the moment the area is bare. I have also been making all the plants, rocks etc around the sim so its been quite a bit of work.

Seems we have a rooster theme emerging here.

Other news – I became a mentor this week so if you ever decide to check out InWorldz and you spot me on the bridge and I dont say hello first dont hesitate to say hi.


One comment

  1. Hello Teal. I was just over at your place tonight but you weren’t home. I must say it’s coming along very nicely. Your water wheel has inspired me to try a little project. I’ll let you know how it turns out. By the way, looks like your rooster is a bit of an art fan since I saw him over at the Artisian (sp?) sim at your gallery. He gave me the once over look as he sat imperiously on the sign. I guess I passed inspection. (chuckle) Take care.

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