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Burning Life O9

October 22, 2009

I have some more glimpses of Burning Life 09 all of them refer to narrative by either representing it in an obvious manner or attempting to slide away from it.

Gulliver’s travel scene by Ub Yifu and  Copan Falta was certainly catching peoples eye.
The audio streaming from the first of Gulliver’s Travels is by Reverend Upshaw
SLURL Gulliver’s travel scene

Irregularity by Selavy Oh is for me, perhaps one of the most interesting builds at Burning life

‘Irregularity’ consist of 1872 identical poles arranged as a grid which  forms a hollow sphere. A the start of the week the structure is symmetric and regular, but changes as each visitor interacts with the structure. As visitors move around and collide with it poles fall. Although the structure self repairs the poles never take up the same position. This accumulative disarrangement of the structure seemed to be a trace of activity rather than an obvious telling of a story.

SLURL Irregularity

Art Evolution Cube is a project by Kicca Igaly and Nessuno Myoo. It caught my curiosity because it aims to represent a process without necessarily turning it into a narrative. Kicca Igaly and Nessuno Myoo are interested in the evolution of a work of art from design on paper to its many possible iterations. Art Evolution Cube attempts to capture this process.

SLURL: Art Evolution Cube

The Camp directory is here and an interactive map lets you teleport to any camp.

Otherwise go to the Main Gate


Exhibit at the Criss Museum of Contemporary Art

September 14, 2009

I wanted to share the news as I have another exhibition up at the Criss Museum of Contemporary Art.

Described on their website as “… a museum dedicated to exhibiting, interpreting and collecting contemporary art from across second life galleries and  continually changing program of exhibitions …” I was very pleased to be invited!

When I first visited the Museum I was impressed by the building, for it is unusual, and my work sits well against the walls.

Also as I poked around a bit and joined their group. The Criss Museum  holds numerous interesting arts related events, from poetry readings to concerts and dances. You can track these on the events page on Criss Museum website. Recently for instance they ran a 9/11 Art competition

Exhibitions are ever changing so you never know what you will discover there and the Criss Museum runs an educational program which covers different topics weekly. So, it’s an interesting place to have my work represented.

Exhibition lasts until October 2nd so do pop along and see it and if you like their range of events consider joining the group.

SLURL to the Criss Museum of Contemporary Art

SLURL to the exhibition space that is currently home to my works


A tribute to the work of Neferia Abel

June 9, 2009

Many of the fashion bloggers are paying tribute to Neferia Abel the designer behind Ivalde who is closing her main store. However the news is not all bad as she will still have a presence on Retrology. Neferia Abel is a very talented designer and anyone who liked vintage fashions knows her designs.

I know most people are in a summer mood but I live in Australia and we are entering into winter.

One of my all time favourite Neferia Abel designs is this Leopard print Leona jacket. I don’t know how it has not worn at the cuff , got tatty at the hem and thin at the collar because I have simply flogged it to death since I won it – yes I won it- in a hunt. Neferia Abel is not only a good designer but a generous one too.

I just love the way this jacket moves and drapes and I have had some very happy times in it.

To get a greater sense of how much Neferia Abel’s work is appreciated read the posts by other bloggers who also value her talent and hope to see her back in SL when her life sorts itself and she has a good internet connection again.

Meanwhile visit Ivalde & L’Abel at Retrology

Other items I am wearing:
Trousers: Pink Outfiters
Boots: Biddle boots
Hair and Hat: Bossa Nova (no longer in world)
AO: TorridWear
Skin: Skin Within
Eye lashes: Lynnix’s lashes – Lutra Shopping District

The screenshots were taken at The Botanical Gardens


June 9, 2009

I know this screenshot does not look like major fashion event but it is. I am sure the fashion bloggers are going to well and truly cover Fashion Expo 2009 but I cannot help but mention the fun build.

Fashion Expo 2009  benefits Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society.

As you can see the sims are done in a Wizard of Oz theme and if you tire shopping (or run out of cash) are fun to explore.

Magic of Oz is a sponsor by providing the entire sim build.  This is the only time that these buildings have been used outside the  Magic of Oz Sim.

There is even a maze to play in.

I first encountered the Fashion Expo when I was new to Second Life. Since I was literally weeks old and I was a bit dazed that such fundraisers went on in world. Now I wander about the expo  wondering how I am going to keep within my stipend.*

Fortunately with all the hunts that are going on across the grid I have been saving my pennies. I have a feeling I will be broke within the week day hour

For anyone who is new to Second Life these Expo events are great. You can find everything from clothes, hair, jewelry,shoes, poses, shapes, skins, the lot!. All can be found and also there are lots of really good free goods to help new people in world and stretch the dollar for those of us who attempt to live economically.

The Fashion Expo is on until the 14th of June and remember it’s a fundraiser for Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society.

Landmarks to all 4 sims are:
Sim 1 Platinum
Sim 2 Iridium
Sim 3 Rhodium
Sim 4 Palladium

*For those who  are not in Second life and happen to be reading this, when members sign on for a premium account they get a stipend of 300 $L a week. Once you convert it to real money that works out to just over a dollar week. Since an annual premium membership is $72.00 US to get back between $50- 60 of it in the form of a stipend. It’s not a bad deal.

Living within your stipend also helps keep to a budget. If you sign on for a free account you can buy $L but I found it quickly became play money and was easily spent. So now I pay for a membership and between selling the odd painting and my stipend I have fun for $6 US a month.  Apart from being interesting, SL is actually a very cheap form of entertainment- if you stick to the stipend!


Amarda Breakaway

June 1, 2009

Amarda Breakaway is a highly eccentric Armarda of boats that can only float on an SL sea.

In their landmark Amarda Breakaway is described as
“After a heavy storm unlike any Armada had seen for many a year one small section was torn off and found itself alone and lost at sea. Discovered and repaired by some travellers it is now beginning again and anew.”

Exploring it took some time as there are numerous nooks and crannies. Then I took some time out to relax in the bar.

But I did not stay too long as there are lots of gang planks and thin narrow walkways to traverse.

Credits to designers for what my avatar is wearing:

Jeans: Callie Cline jeans  (Currently there is a sale on and these can be purchased for 50 L$)
Sweater: DE Designs DE Tango Sweater Coat
Shirt: A Piece of Candy (part of a hunt prize)
Boots: Maitreya Bloom boots
Earrings: Flirt, Bloom stud earrings part of a hunt prize
Bangles: Darkmouse, Oriental Inspiration Bangles (a  hunt gift)
Hair: Exile Fast ball
Eyes : Miriel (free)
AO TorridWear : Overide set 2
Skin: Skin Within Kiara skin and shape
Eye lashes :Lutra L.S.D

ARC (Avatar rendering cost)  1571

SLURL to Amarda Breakaway