4th InWorldz blogger challenge – tips for new bloggers

December 14, 2010

Well I am running late with the 4th bloggers challenge. Sorry, it’s the time of year when there is lots to be done.

Anyway Whiskey Day suggested for the 4th InWorldz blogger challenge that we  write a few tips for new bloggers. I am not sure these are tips as such as re-reading them they form more of a philosophy but for what it is worth here we go…

My top 5 are

  • 1 Be genuine particularly when writing about a virtual world as everyone is acutely aware that all communication is mediated by a screen.
  • 2 Share what knowledge you know and admit it when you dont.
  • 3 Just as there is a person behind the avatar remember that behind both writer and reader there is a person too.
  • 4 Blog in order to strengthen the social ties you make in World. A blog can be the ties that bind. When people meet you if they read your blog they can gain a sense of who you are and this builds trust and trust builds friendship.
  • 5 Don’t use a blog to create drama, slam and criticize others in order to bolster your ego.

As to the second part of Whiskys challenge, the first Pick I took InWorldz was for my profile. I regularly check peoples profile when I first meet them as you can get a sense of what they are interested in. So one of the first things I did was organise skin and hair etc.  in order to take a profile pick.   I took the photo in front of one of my paintings at the S&S Gallery of Fine Arts and am still using it.

Thats it for my challenge post! Make yourself a cuppa and swing by Whisky Shots and read the other entries.



  1. Great post. Very good advices!! And I think inWorldz blogs are doing great here. Not much drama at all.

    Hmmm you check profiles? I just wonder what Mera Kranfels profile tells ppl? =O

    (I have a similar in SL in my Alessia Kranfel profile 😉

  2. Great post! I especially like the part on social ties and knowledge. Nobody knows everything but these blogs are a great way of learning. About other fellow residents and InWorldz related “stuffz” you might not know but somebody else might just have the right answer for a penny dropping moment 🙂

  3. yes indeed you said that one very well,also blogging and telling some more what occupies you is an extention of your profile 🙂
    nice post !

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