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50 Linden Friday bargain at Elate!

November 13, 2009

I try and keep to spending just my stipend and 50 Linden Fridays really help stretch the budget.

This week at Elate! the special item is the navy blue version of the new Tuli sweater dress.  It is more than a simple budget stretcher I can see this becoming one of my favourites. So much so I am considering blowing the budget on other colours in the same style.

As you can see it is well made.

The dress has a cowl neck that you can snuggle into like a scarf. Actually the cowl can be worn on it’s own as a scarf so if you like mashing stuff up a bit there is opportunity to enjoy this outfit even more.

Screen shots taken outside Elate! on the Sunny sim

SLURL to Elate!

Credit to the designers for other items my avatar is wearing.

Boots: Maitreya SoHo Boots (a fantastic group Gift)
Jeans: Callie Cline
Skin: Skin Within
Hair: ETD


Exhibit at Vista Hermosa Art Centre

November 11, 2009

Being busy in RL meant that I did not have a chance to write about the opening of the Travels to Art exhibit at the Vista Hermosa Art Centre.

The opening was last Saturday. Velu Vella performance was fantastic.  Her music really enhanced the event. Six artists from different geographical regions around the world are participating in this exhibition. My work is on the upper level.

The Vista Hermosa Art Centre is as a place for exhibitions, educational events and live performances. You can join a group to stay informed about what is happening.

SLURL to the Vista Hermosa Art Centre