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Photographing textures

July 19, 2010

Ultimate Guide for Creating High Quality Textures by Caleb Kimbrough of Design Mag,  is a useful run down on how to photograph and polish textures.

Caleb Kimbrough briefly covers equipment , key elements to good texture photography and polishing your textures through editing.

Ultimate Guide for Creating High Quality Textures as a tutorial is concisely written, well  illustrated and clearly understood.

My biggest tip is to carry a camera with you everywhere you go.


Tutorial on how to create a seamless pattern texture

July 17, 2010

Over on Shopping Cart Disco Cyclic Gearz has written an excellent tutorial on how to create a patterned texture that is truly seamless and properly tiles.

In a new series How Do I Make? Cyclic Gearz tackles Pattern Creation in Photoshop for SL. The tutorial clearly describes the working process from how a design idea is developed to what type of pattern will work.

Cyclic Gearz promises every other Saturday a tutorial “on various things in SL”. So we had better watch out for them because if they are the same quality as this one they will be worth reading.


No Sound machinima set

July 6, 2010

A friend dropped me a landmark so I put on my hat, grabbed my coat and off I went exploring.

I landed in a hauntingly lonely empty  weather beaten house and was immediately curious.

Like all houses there is a sense of a story but in this case I sense we will not know, or we are meant to make our own.

I had not got out of the house before I was googling this artists name. I was baffled by the iconic symbols and their placement.

I did not find out too much but decided to let my imagination take me where it wished and proceeded to explore.

This build by Markus Inkpen was made as an installation/set for a machinima “No Sound” screened during the Shanghai World Expo 2010. Since the Expo runs from 1 May until 31 October, I can only assume that this build will too but I do not know.

As I ventured further into this place I sensed that so many more stories could be told here. I guess that what a film set is supposed to evoke!

I felt the Machinima was one story but wandering down the claustrophobic lane ways I was sure there were more narratives to imagine.

You can trace a little of the background of this build via Bryn Oh (I used the search feature on the blog)

In real life Markus Inkpen is J. Matthew Root an artist, illustrator and  designer you can find out more about his work from his website The World of J. Mathew Root

Visit this build by Markus Inkpen for Worlds fair – Shanghai 2010