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Everyone is talking about Gulliver Travels

January 31, 2011

Everyone I bump into at InWorldz is talking about Gulliver Travels.

They are not talking of the book but a not-for-profit endeavour built by Ub Yifu and Copan Falta.

It is quite simply an amazing artistic immersive experience making this build, one of the best installations to be found one the  InWorldz Grid.

The grand opening is 17th of Feb, so technically it is not open yet but you can still go and see it.

Do Visit you will I am sure enjoy it.

Gulliver Travels, Alexanderia 150, 119, 725


InWorldz Blogger Challenge 6

January 30, 2011

This time for the InWorldz Blogger Challenge, Whiskey has proposed that:

“Tell us about events you’ve started attending. What kinds of events pull you in? If you haven’t attended any yet, why the hell not? Go! Seek out a new event and go! Pictures, overall feel of the event, who was there and will you go back? Review an event (or five) and tell us all about it.”

Since I am an Aussie my time zone is often out of sink with many events but one sort of event I love is hunts. As I said in my last post I love hunts. I love being a host in them, and doing them.

So when the Australia Day hunt was announced I was over on Matahari Island quick smart.

There are 35 Koalas to find and some are in very tricky places. Most of the gifts are fun items with an Australian theme but my favourite find was this hair by Tanya Matahari of Matahari Style.

As  free hunt gift I was delighted with it as it is the sort of thing I would buy. The front is fairly simple but as you can see the back is generous and full.

The hunt runs a week or so. This weekend you might want to head over to this event with a couple of friends or on you own and find a few freebies, browse the stores and explore the region.

Credits to our designers

  • Hair by Tanya Matahari of Matahari Style.
  • Earings by Eolande Elvehjem of Eolande’s Jewelry
  • Jacket by Sunny Whitfield of Sun Made Fashions at Decades
  • Skin by Lorac Farella of Pulse
  • Eyes by Bellamy DeVille
  • Lashes by Raven Callisto of 7 Deadly prims
  • Scarf by me – Teal Etzel

Work in Progress week 9

January 26, 2011

Well this week I have to be very hush hush as I am building but what I am building is for the upcoming grid wide Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt.

Since the Valentine’s Treasure Hunt is scheduled for 12-21 February I have been getting some gifts ready as I will have a gift here and another at the gallery on the S&S Gallery of Fine Arts on the Artisan sim.

I love hunts. I love being a host in them, and doing them as they are a great way to find new places on the InWorldz grid and sample the wares from generous retailers.

If you are interested in joining the hunt contact Stefanik Dagostino directly via IM or notecard for more information or to become a host or check out this thread on the forums


InWorldz Photo contest 35,000 Izzies to be won

January 21, 2011

photo contest banner

The  first InWorldz Photo contest for 2011 with a prize pool of 35,000 Iz’s has been announced on the Inworldz forum.

The contest is open to all residents of InWorldz

When you enter your photos you are there by accepting that InWorldz may use your photos for marketing purposes.

The contest  is  judged by jury. All photos will be anonymous for the jury.

Five different Categories:

  1. Nature – Landscape
  2. Portrait – Avatars
  3. Art – Fun – Free form
  4. Relations – Imagination and interpretation
  5. Viewers choice ie the most public votes

The winners in each of the 5 different classes will win gift vouchers for 1000 Iz in each of 4 different shops + 1000 Iz in cash, a total of 5.000 Iz for each class winners.

Prizes have been donated by:
Anyraya Braveheart
Alinja Aquatics
Julia Hathor
Johnny Night

This will be fun!!!!


Work in Progress week 8

January 20, 2011

Once again I am a little late with my Work in Progress Wednesday report. I hope this wont be the trend for the year!
With my return to work at the end of annual leave this week has been a bit busy but remarkably I got quite a bit done.

The roof is on the Roman bath house …

The mill area is named the Old Mill Garden and Gallery and I have not as yet had time to hang my paintings but this week I did that too.

The ground floor is going to become a coffee shop and gallery area. So far as you can see some of my paintings are on the walls. Actually they are photoshop images that I work, but I call them paintings.

This is the second floor. The stairs and landing still needs banisters. I am terrible for leaving little things and jumping in to furnishing.

Finally after much stair climbing this is the top floor. The attic area may become a studio/office space. I am really not to sure yet.

I set myself the challenge to build as much as possible the objects needed for this region. I figured if I was going to be so self indulgent as to have a region I should at least set myself the challenge so building most things on it.   I have drawn on builders resources from sculpt suppliers and texture shops but so far that is it.

So the last things made this week are these sculpty trees. I quite like the twisty gnarled way they turned out!

As you can see I have had quite a productive week and I cant quite believe I have only had the region for not quite two months (the two months mark will fall on the 27th) . Still lots to do, and lots more plants to get out, sounds to create mood then I have to attend to outdoor seating and have stuff for people to do other than just wander about. Lots more stuff to add. Planing a garden maze next… but that wont be for a few weeks yet …