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More Photoshop and Illustrator goodies

February 14, 2008

Vector Guru has produced a tutorial on how to create a Retro styled background using Illustrator

Track 6 Design has published a tutorial on how to create textures in Vector images using Illustrator

Smashing magazine has created a Best of Adobe Illustrator Tutorials list. I have yet to check out all of the tutorials but what I have investigated looks good

Joanna Dacko has an intermediate level video Tutorial which is an Introduction to Smart Objects In Photoshop
This video tutorial from the Adobe Design Center demonstrates How to use the Live trace and Live Paint tools

Another video tutorial which demonstrates how to convert images to PDF using Adobe Photoshop CS3 and then how to protect them using Adobe Acrobat Professional 8


Journalism is Second Life

February 12, 2008

Beat Blogging has an interview with Eric Krangel who is known as Eric Reuters in Second Life as he reports for Reuters about key events in the virtual 3D world. As in real life, digging up stories involves in part staying in contact with and maintaining social networks, and Eric makes some interesting observations about social networks in world.
The Reuters Second Life Blog is worth checking out, as Eric does not report on in world dramas but his stories focus on the overlap between life and second life.

For instance, recently Eric has been covering the copy right theft issue. With US$1.4 million dollars circulating through Second Life every day this issue is not simply an in world drama but one that effects the real life income of the designers of virtual products.


More Photoshop and Illustrator goodies

February 7, 2008

3DTotal has collated a collection of 100 Photoshop tutorials. Pass your cursor over the thumbnails for a full description of what the tutorial covers.

Digital Arts has featured a CS3 tutorial on Exporting Illustrator layouts to Flash

Featured on Designer Today Beatriz Mariniello has written a tutorial on Scaling an object but not its stroke in Adobe Illustrator

Brusheezy has featured 15 Scratch Splat Grunge brushes for Photoshop