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Bentham Forest

September 26, 2009

Bentham Forest is a little creepy and I spent some time wandering around it last night.

The forest is the collaborative work of Andrek Lowell and Lauren Bentham

As you can see I was very taken with their trees.

One of the reasons that Bentham Forest makes you feel a little under threat is that much of the forest is at a scale that dwarfs the average avatar. This is a great use of the technology and what many call a sense of presence in a 3D environment.

Also there are psychological triggers like the a sense of being watched.

The soundscape is full of sounds that vaguely threaten.

It is this constant sense of ambiguity and not knowing quite what the threat is that compounds a eerie feeling.

There is a enough interest for me in just enjoying the build but I understand that just admiring how well things are made in this 3D space is often not enough for some residents of Second Life.

So for those who want a more hands on experience, in other words something to DO, within the forest there are 4 “quests” within the forest.

I was told by another resident that there are also five crates of goodies somewhere in the forest too.

No matter if go to just wander about and explore or for the quest I am sure you will not be disappointed.

SLURL to Bentham Forest

Credits to designers for what my avatar is wearing:

Jacket: Wool Plaid Coat a group gift from Pixel Dolls

Trousers: Black Strap Stripe from Pixel Dolls

Shirt: Fearne from MichaMi

Boots: Ziggy from Tesla

Hair: ETD Roxie – Chestnut Black

Eyes: Nevermore Eyes from Skin Within

Shape and Skin: Kiara skin and shape from Skin Within

AO: Overide set 2 from Torrid Wear


Ephemeria : Where time means nothing

September 25, 2009

I have been out exploring again and discovered the work of Summer Wardhani, the talent behind Ephemeria.

The introduction note states:

“Welcome to Ephemeria travelers, Home of the Temporarium, A place where time has no meaning…

Once upon a time, two wanderers dreamt with an inspiring place, meant to explore all the unlimited technological and aesthetical boundaries of SL and to about intemporal beauty…”

This build is a surreal landscape of strange little installations that make you wonder if hidden in the build is a narrative to discover.

With the words “time has no meaning” sliding about my thoughts hints of time are constantly represented. Clocks, spring flowers, winter snow, a burial ground, and a shrouded figure all poke and prod at the concept.

That said this build is such a visual experience that I thought it is best to simply offer images.

If you enjoy these you might also like to see the Temporarium Flickr group

SLURL to Ephemeria


Anti inspection shields cause lag

September 18, 2009

Over on Atomic Valley Gabby Panacek has written a piece on Anti inspection shields which illustrates clearly how they cause lag. She states “We only measured client lag for this test, but look at the change! When I was wearing the shield Codie experienced a 90% drop in performance as measured by FPS. ”

I have always seen these as a silly nuisance but  a 90% drop in performance is huge. I have never quite understood why someone might use an anti-inspect shield, but apparently people want to ‘protect’ their personal style. Who cares what your avatar is wearing? Isn’t an aspect of fashion about creating a personal statement and being seen?

To understand the issue better check out the full article. It is well researched and well argued.

Also found via the comments is Jacek Antonelli’s article on How to Bypass an Anti-Inspect Shield shows you how these things are very silly indeed.


Steam hunt gem to be found at Builders Brewery

September 15, 2009

I was told, by a friend that the steam hunt was good so to be companionable to decided to hunt for a while. Before I knew it, not only was I thoroughly enjoying myself but I had done the hunt!

Rather that put together a post that covered a whole swathe of items, I thought I would draw attention to just one of fine stops along the way, Builders Brewery.

The gift from Builders Brewery is a two story “Steampunk Victorian Whimsy Cottage”.

The cottage has some nice elements which include round lens windows, a curved roof line, two fireplaces, a rounded skylight and a clock at the front of the house. All point towards steampunk but the aged metal and stone textures consolidate the mood and set the tone.

You can see a copy of the Cottage at the prefab area of builders brewery and of course you can hunt for the prize.

Check out the rest of Builders Brewery while you are there …

Do take a look around Builders Brewery as they offer some fine items, classes  and have a fantastic warm group. If you put a question to the group there is usually someone online able and willing to help. Builders Brewery also run classes, supply builders tools and in their freebie section you can find some really good glass textures, and free mega prims.

Starting point for the Steam hunt

If you want hunt hints along the way Hunt Locations regularly blog hints without giving away the whole game away, as the author does not give out direct LMs

SLURL to Builders Brewery


Exhibit at the Criss Museum of Contemporary Art

September 14, 2009

I wanted to share the news as I have another exhibition up at the Criss Museum of Contemporary Art.

Described on their website as “… a museum dedicated to exhibiting, interpreting and collecting contemporary art from across second life galleries and  continually changing program of exhibitions …” I was very pleased to be invited!

When I first visited the Museum I was impressed by the building, for it is unusual, and my work sits well against the walls.

Also as I poked around a bit and joined their group. The Criss Museum  holds numerous interesting arts related events, from poetry readings to concerts and dances. You can track these on the events page on Criss Museum website. Recently for instance they ran a 9/11 Art competition

Exhibitions are ever changing so you never know what you will discover there and the Criss Museum runs an educational program which covers different topics weekly. So, it’s an interesting place to have my work represented.

Exhibition lasts until October 2nd so do pop along and see it and if you like their range of events consider joining the group.

SLURL to the Criss Museum of Contemporary Art

SLURL to the exhibition space that is currently home to my works