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Take the Third annual grid survey

October 26, 2012

screenshot of websiteMaria Korolov over on Hypergrid Business is running the Third annual grid survey to determine how Open Sim users are rating such aspects as content, support and technology. She is also interested on if you spend your time on 1 or 2 grids. Of course the more people who participate the more useful the results as a large number of participants can paint a clear image of how people feel.

The deadline to take it is October 31st and you will find The Third annual grid survey  here.


2011 OpenSim Grid Survey

December 9, 2011

Hypergrid Business is conducting a survey of open grid residents to find out about their experience on grids such as InWorldz

Maria Korolov states that “The goal of this survey is to help potential new residents and merchants identify grids they’d want to visit — and to help alleviate some of the fears that people have about OpenSim grids.”

So pop over there and let her know about the grid you spend most of your time on. Results will be available next week.


Journal of Virtual Worlds Research

July 4, 2008

I think I am going to be reading this weekend as The Journal of Virtual Worlds Research (Volume 1, Issue 1) is now available. There are some well known writers in the cyberculture studies, such as Michael L. Benedikt and Howard Rheingold.

Abstracts of each paper are available and files are delivered in pdf format

Thanks for the link goes to Metaverse journal