Mid 2007 I started to explore Second Life as an educator under the avatar name Teal Etzel.

Some people are makers no matter what, they enjoy creating. From baking cakes to knitting jumpers to creating whole landscapes of wonder in a 3D world. The same thing drives them. Put simply, they like making stuff!

I am one of those poor souls. I trained as a painter but ended up not unhappily in digital media.

Second Life is a world constructed by the people who frequent it, making it more than an interesting cultural phenomenon, it’s also a huge playground for those who simply like to make stuff.

I have an interest in things web, I used to lecture at university level in web design, Web 2.0 and digital media and have more than one degree in visual arts. I have had a long interest in visual culture and communities online. So it should not come as surprise that I enjoy Second Life® as a space too.

To be honest I much rather be exploring, faffing about in Second Life  or making something in world than watching TV in the evenings. Put simply it is my way of relaxing.

So with this blog I am simply exploring and enjoying Second Life and documenting my reactions along the way.


This site is not affiliated or endorsed by either Linden Lab® or Second Life®. Second Life® and Linden Lab® are registered trademarks of Linden Research, Inc. No infringement is intended.

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