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InWorldz Freebie Finders is celebrating its 500th Member

February 22, 2011

The InWorldz Freebie Finders is celebrating attaining the 500 Member stage with drumroll you guessed it a gift event. It is well worth checking out. There are a pile of gifts to collect.

Look at these high waisted pants from Indie Rose. I love them! The blouse is also part of the gift.

How do you join the group? How do you get to the gift shop? This thread in the InWorldz forum gives out the location and if you have not already seen the signs about InWorldz then drop a request to 1angelcares Writer the founder of the group. You will find her if you do a quick search under the people tab.I am sure she will send you an invite.

Credits to our designers

  • Casual long sleeved blouse by Angelina Eizenberg of Indie Rose for the InWorldz Freebie Finders 500 Member free gift event
  • High waisted trousers by Angelina Eizenberg of Indie Rose for the InWorldz Freebie Finders 500 Member free gift event
  • Hair by Sunny Whitfield of Sun Made Fashions
  • Earings by Eolande Elvehjem of Eolande’s Jewelry
  • Boots by Cherry Cheevers of DollyRock
  • Skin by Lorac Farella of Pulse
  • Eyes by Bellamy DeVille
  • Lashes by Raven Callisto of 7 Deadly prims
  • Scarf by me – Teal Etzel
  • Photographed at Mille in the Old Mill gardens

A Hot Hunt this weekend

May 23, 2010

Put on some protective footwear and maybe dig around in the inventory for a gas mask as this weekend there is a hunt at the Moonsong Lava Caves.

You need to find glowing hot chunks of lava for 0-1L each.  Hence the protective footwear because the ground is quite hot!

Some great designers are participating I spotted  Silent Sparrow, Studio Sidhe, Schadenfreude, Discord Designs, Gauze, Lazy Places, Flipside and Trap

Moonsong (use the door in the wall to get to the caves)


Designers asked to think of the consumer

April 24, 2010

Over on A Passion for Virtual Fashion Harper Beresford, Business Manager and blogger for House of RFyre has developed A Consumer Wish List

As I read it through I found myself agreeing vigorously particularly when read #10 as my pet hate of touched up vendor adds.

“Do not touch up your ads in any way that will misrepresent the item you are selling on the vendor. That means if your prims are out of place, fix them before you sell it, not in the photo. If you have artistic photos in your store, that is where you can do the artwork. I like seeing interpretations of the outfit but when I look at the vendor, I want to know what I am purchasing without filters or airbrushing”

There is  one more item I would add to the list. I would like to know if a product has multiple layers. I would like more designers to offer multiple layers as I like mixing outfits and often multiple layer option will swing the sale for me. This request may fall into the realm of good business practice but would love to see this type of information clearly displayed.

Of course Harper Beresford’s Consumer Wish List is fashion centric but in the case of buying other things, particularly for the virtual home. I would like to see full descriptions of a product. Key for many people is the number of prims and if it has poses etc. You would be surprised how many vendors do not have this information clearly displayed on their vendors.

Lack of information on products is a pet hate. Basic questions like number of prims are often simply not answered in product display information. If the items are part of a set what is actually included? For instance, if  looking a full dining room suite on display is the fruit bowl in the middle also included? If there are not display versions to be seen I would like to know the answer to questions such as do plants flex in the breeze, or are they static? Are they single prim sculpties or multiple prims? When you walk around some of the home and garden stores there is a never ending list of such questions which run through my head. Lack of information must lead to many lost sales or disappointed purchases.

There is a long and interesting comment thread on Harper Beresford’s Consumer Wish List post, including a suggestion to form a merchant group that follows consumer friendly practices. I hope it happens and is well publicized. If this group develops from thoughts aired in the post this is certainly one of those blog posts that shifts things towards the better in Second Life.


50 Linden Friday bargain at Elate!

November 13, 2009

I try and keep to spending just my stipend and 50 Linden Fridays really help stretch the budget.

This week at Elate! the special item is the navy blue version of the new Tuli sweater dress.  It is more than a simple budget stretcher I can see this becoming one of my favourites. So much so I am considering blowing the budget on other colours in the same style.

As you can see it is well made.

The dress has a cowl neck that you can snuggle into like a scarf. Actually the cowl can be worn on it’s own as a scarf so if you like mashing stuff up a bit there is opportunity to enjoy this outfit even more.

Screen shots taken outside Elate! on the Sunny sim

SLURL to Elate!

Credit to the designers for other items my avatar is wearing.

Boots: Maitreya SoHo Boots (a fantastic group Gift)
Jeans: Callie Cline
Skin: Skin Within
Hair: ETD


A visit to Pemberly

October 28, 2009

Pemberly is a tumbled down, overrun decayed rural setting which is lots of fun to explore. The buildings leak, let in the elements, creek or are just standing.

Since fences are down, and the farm is not maintained well, so animals meander all over the place. You have to watch where you are walking.

There are lots of areas to relax, and enjoy the place.

You can picnic or simply amble about.

For all that it is not just a pretty setting, as music events take place here too.

Firefly is situated on Pemberly and it is one of the  venues for the Jazz & Art Festival which is currently running. It finishes on November 14th. If you are interested in any of the events that take place here you can subscribe to the group. It is a subscribomatic group so joining  does not take up one of your group slots.

Click on images for larger versions

The area is classified mature
SLURL to Pemberly

Credits to the designers for what my avatar is wearing:

Jeans: Callie Cline jeans  floral wash
Jacket: Sweater Coat with Wood Buttons is from Samara Studios. It is created by Samara Kasshiki  who closed Samara Studios in December 2008
Beret: Simone color changing sculpted beret
Scarf: Pashmina shawl from Zarra
Boots: from Biddle boots
Bangles: Oriental Inspiration Bangles are from Dark Mouse
Earings: Moira Earrings are created by Hazel Kyrgyz who in her profile states that Talisman will be open again soon
Hair : Airy from ETD
Skin: Kiara skin and shape from Skin Within