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I have a region!

November 28, 2010

I am like a kid a Christmas as I have a region at Inworldz!

As a personal record I took a screenshot then I decided it would be fun to blog my progress. That is my ave standing there imagining all the possibilities this place can have

I have always wanted to have a little more space to play with and the costs at InWorldz have allowed this.

For those who dont know the advantages of being here it is a mainland region at $60 a month. For that you get a prim count of 30,000. That is not a typo yes 30,000 prims to play with! All mainland regions are PG which I like, but some people think it is an issue and you do not have full estate controls. Terraforming is restricted to +/- 15m which is probably a good idea as I could make a hell of mess otherwise! Since InWorldz has free texture uploads too I have a stupid grin on my face.

What is the region name? Mille and it is part of the new mainland. I think I am one of the first to be here as I can’t see any others building yet.

I am not the greatest builder but at the bottom of an interesting learning curve. So stay tuned as I will share my adventures!


Inworldz bloggers challenge

November 26, 2010

The last couple of weeks Whiskey Day of Whiskey Shots Has proposed an Inworldz Blogger’s Challenge.

I missed the first week but here late is my effort for week 2 of the Inworldz bloggers challenge. The challenge for week 2 was to answer

” What do you do inworld? Post a picture showing what you find yourself doing most often when you’re in InWorldz.”

What am I doing most inworld? Why, trying not to look confused of course…

See I can just pull it off.

Why confused?

Because someone (whose name I will not mention) has put these roosters all over the gallery. I am not admitting to who put Christmas hats on them …

What am I doing most inworld? Really? Well  … I lark around a bit, build a bit, shop a bit, be involved with events in the gallery as I can and generally have a good time… and …chase those darned chickens!


Christmas hunt goodies

November 26, 2010

Imagine my surprise as I was going through the InWorldz Christmas hunt gifts and I rezzed a house! A Medieval cottage to be exact.

Created by Alyssa Chase for Chase designs this is as ideal starter home of 24 prims.

If you want to join in the hunt runs from November 25th to the 3rd of January so you have oodles of time. The starting point is at West Artistan in the Coffee shop above the museum.

Since SLurls don’t work at InWorldz yet the work around is to search for Stefanik Dagostino (of S&S Gallery of Fine Arts) and look in his picks.


Inworldz beta grid load test.

November 24, 2010

A call went out on the forum at InWorldz that the tech folks wanted to load test their beta grid. They wanted to know how many how many avatars they could accommodate without sim performance ground to a halt. So  the community was asked to help out and drop in at a particular time.

I could not get to the first test as I live in Australia and time zones were against me but I did get to second in my lunch hour. I am on a Mac and was using Imprudence.

I logged in early and was a little puff cloud in the corner until being given a hair base which kicked me  back to a noob state.

Needless to say ask a bunch of creative to come and crash a sim and it becomes interesting and this huge revolving creation messmerised me a bit like fish in a fish tank do.

Smoke and steam spurted from various objects  within the cluster and I just kept watching it turn round and round ,in on itself, only to loop and revolve again.

How did the sim perform? I could still move around when we had 27 people on the sim. I was not even rubber banding! It was loads of fun to participate in, I learnt a little more about how things work.

Added later

This YouTube flick has just appeared in the forums. It gives you a sense of how mesmerizing the flying junk was!


Christmas hunt at InWorldz

November 23, 2010

There is going to be a Christmas hunt at Inworldz and I have made a few things for it.

There is a treasure chest hidden in the Ruth Lives gallery which contains this contemporary large vase with an arrangement that has been suitably decorated for the season.

In case you don’t want too many seasonal items and since many residents are trying to establish themselves here I decided a non seasonal gift would also be appropriate so I added to the chest a mop top tree in a terracotta pot.

All participating venues will be displaying this poster. The hunt runs from November 25th to the 3rd of January and starts at West Artistan in the Coffee shop above the museum.

Once again I anticipate a fun event run with thanks  by Stefanik Dagostino of S&S Gallery of Fine Arts.

Have fun!