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InWorldz Art Fest

February 3, 2013

Once you are on the InWorldz grid pull up the map and put either Dreamz&Visionz, Collaborations or Cirque de la Luna into search and teleport to the 2nd Annual Elf Clan Art Fest as you will enjoy exploring.

Click on any of the images to see larger versions. All  these builds are along the theme “A Dream Come True”.

I decided to take some time out get off the building platform and take a few photos of the event.

Hopefully my happy snaps will tempt you to do the same.

This event is brought to you by the Elf Clan in association with  InWorldz Dreamz and Visionz Art Fest. Thanks to Jeri Rahja, Quadrapop Tree, Moontan Valeeva  and  Cinnamon Raymaker


Gallery Freenote is relocating to InWorldz

December 11, 2012

Many members of the SL arts community know Teal Freenote and her Gallery. Today on her blog Teal has announced she is relocating to InWorldz.
In her blog post announcing the move Teal Freenote says

“It seems ridiculous to keep maintaining such an expensive space when all my creative energy is being funneled on another grid for much less expense and much more creative freedom.”

Teal Freenote describes her work as virtual sculpture that concentrates on symbolic and dream imagery. Teal also works with virtual photography.

gallery at Inworldz

So when you visit InWorldz add Gallery Freenote to your tour of art establishments to see.

To get there, on the map it is Dreamwalker with co-ordinates of 204/148/24 or In search under people tab type in Teal Freenote and you will find a teleport link under her picks.


They say code is poetry…

November 20, 2012

Takes some time out of a busy day and listen to this piece of poetry titled Follow Me by Karima Hoisan over on Digital Rabbit Hole.
It’s a Mp3 you just have to click the link and hear a piece dedicated to scripters and “all those gods in a sandbox”.

It works as a piece … really! Go listen.


Fuschia Nightfire at Inworldz

May 16, 2012

Last night I decided to visit Fuschia Nightfire’s latest exhibit at Inworldz. ‘Not Everything Is Plain Black & White” is a series of installations  linked by colour. Or I should say lack of colour, as everything is black and white.

The strict pallet produces dreamlike quality. By the end of diving down this digital rabbit hole I was asking  what the viewers role is, in defining art. This question is  re-enforced by wearing any of the free skins and clothing that you can collect at the landing point. Wearing these make your avatar become part of the installation. It’s a very interesting visual experience.

The ‘Not Everything Is Plain Black & White’ by Fuschia Nightfire is hosted on Falathrim region by Fleure Homewood

Other work (unrelated to this exhibition) by Fuschia Nightfire’s is at S&S Gallery of Fine Arts at InWorldz. Also at the same location is a shop of Art to Wear items including a free dress.

There is a great video of the installation by Spiral Silverstar

Also Designing Worlds interviewed and made a TV program about the installation

There is also a flickr group associated with this exhibition


The Surreal art of Claudia222 Jewell

March 8, 2012

I decided to pay a visit to second life as I had heard chatter about an art installation I was told I should go and see. After this being re-enforced by my lunch time reading in the Metaverse Tribune. Iris Creighton’s piece Truly Immersive made me decided to get off my builders platform and go and take in some culture. Spirit has been created by Swiss artist Claudia222 Jewell and really should not be missed.

These images are all screen shots taken directly and are all un-photoshoped.

To view this installation you need to have mesh enabled viewer and in your graphics preferences crank up everything to the best quality your machine will allow, and if things take a while to appear be forgiving as it is worth it!

Installations like this delight and fascinate. This surreal piece contains motifs of flight, freedom and constraint, familiar and unfamiliar which all sit side by side to evoke mixed feelings of fascination tinged with horror.   There is a fine balance between recognizable and unrecognizable evoking both the human and the alien. Some would rad the experience has having a slight optimistic tinge of metamorphosis in the air others would sense death and decay.

Everybody will take away something different from this installation making it very much worthwhile visiting.

SLURL: Spirit at Artscreamer

Spirit has been created by Swiss artist Claudia222 Jewell and there is a wonderful machinima on YouTube by  Spiral Siversta titled the Surreal and Sublime. I found it very jerky to stream but once again worthwhile and patience will be rewarded.