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Abraxus Academy a builders resource center

October 30, 2012

If you want to start building, brush up on your building skills or fill in some gaps in your knowledge of building techniques make time to visit The Abraxus Academy at Inworldz.

screenshot of builders resources

This region is an educational site that houses tutorials of various building techniques.Toddle over to the builders hall as if you are new to building you can start at the very beginning and discover what a prim is and travel this educational path right through to torturing them into different shapes.


At each station there are note cards that allow you to read and retain the information.

Also available by the door is a basic building Box set that is a complete kit lessons. On the other side of the door you will find a Class Schedule as the Abraxus Academy as there are also tutors who hold classes at the sim. All classes that are suitable of those that are new to building through to intermediate builders
also if you use google calendar upcoming classes can be found here

If you venture outside a courtyard contains information on the building interface including the texture and colour picker windows.

Also outside you will find the Chapel Schoolhouse  where you will find a number of self paced lessons available. Self paced lessons are ideal if you are one of those folks that get lost in a class situation, and embarrassed to ask questions if you can’t keep up, if English is a second language and you need things to move a slower  or if you are timezone handicapped which means you are either trying to learn something when your body clock is at its worst or you simply miss out.

A huge plus is that the basic building classes are completely free. There no risk. So click on those boxes as you have nothing to lose and possibly a whole new interest to gain.  Notes are a rezzable book and are designed as self paced lessons. The idea is to rezz the book on the ground so the instructions can be read while building.

Other educational building kits I noticed are priced from 8 izzies to 25 izzies which is more than reasonable as kits contain textures, sculpts, animations, scripts, sounds etc that are required to make the item.  I purchased a 2 basic projects and 4 intermediate projects. I wanted to test each level to see what the quality was like. Once again at this price you get really good value as everything is supplied to enable you to complete the project.

I am possibly a harsh critic as I was a lecturer in new media for over a decade. Directions in these lessons are very clear and precise although for total beginners I would have included a few more screenshots. Steps were well described but after many years of teaching in Rl I know the if people can see an illustrated instruction for some reason they feel more secure. So screenshots are more about the psychology of teaching rather than the actual content provided. However I want to stress that all information is delivered in clear precise english that is easily understood.

Most people really like the contained unit of a rezzible book. It gives them a section to work through and sense of achievement when done. This is not to underestimated as working through any tech instructions can be a hard task and many people simply lose focus and concentration so every little teaching trick helps! So in my opinion the self contained nature of these rezzible books have advantages in the process of learning something.

Before you leave the building don’t forget to pick up the freebies on offer and join the group! This is an excellent educational service. The materials supplied are really good and since much of the basic building lessons are free it is a wonderful  service  that I hope more Inworldz residents avail themselves of classes and information.

To find it open up your map and type in Giffu with co-ordinates of 168, 149, 21

Please note other than joining the Abraxus Academy group I am not associated with the Academy in any way nor did I receive a financial incentive to write this review.


Something to contemplate over a cuppa

February 15, 2011

Over on Hypergrid Business, Iggy O has drawn on his PhD work looking at the history of technological systems and how the public responded to them, to examine paths not taken, and mistakes made by Linden Lab.
Failure to Disrupt: Why Second Life Failed is definitely worth reading over your coffee break and considering when venturing into other 3D worlds.

“This is not an obit. At the same time, only the most ardent SL-cheerleaders would deny that the virtual world has stagnated. In the case of education, I expect no more than a gradual decline in participation.  Other worlds await us, and many of them are linked together and provide content. When I saw a noted artist from SL building in InWorldz, I knew something tectonic had shifted.”


Second Life Historical Museum

July 12, 2008

Often when I am wandering about in second life doing something mundane like helping a friend choose some shoes or looking for a texture to cover my latest attempt at building and I see something imaginative, or someone says something perceptive that makes me step back a moment and see SL as something big. By big I mean a technology that could either develop into a 3D web or be a precursor to another technology that becomes a 3D web.

I am sure every resident has moments like these. Moments when you see the sheer fantastic possibility of Sl and because it is bigger than any individual life bigger than your self you quickly get swept away in wonder. Particularly with SL’s fifth birthday just passed there are moments when there is a sense of pixel by pixel the community is making a history.

I was in this mood when I encountered the Second Life Historical Museum which aims to to chronicle and preserve the history of Second Life. This display is well worth browsing as the notecards dispensed are interesting and informative.

It is good to poke about, but more importantly I found comfort in the idea that some residents are interested in documenting the development of this world.

That said probably the most useful and easily read resources are online in the form of wiki web pages. This timeline of second life provides a basic back story for anyone wanting to understand some of the history and a social history is also on the Second Life History wiki
Second Life Historical Museum SLURL


SL Learning Center and Tutorials 2 Go

June 27, 2008

What many people don’t realise before they come in world is that in Second Life there are loads of ways to learn to build, create things like clothes, animate your avatar, renting a home, buying land or starting a business. When I was new what I did not know is that there are many venues offering free lessons and loads of help to assist residents who want to develop in world skills to do so all likelihood somewhere in Second Life there is someone running a class on. As soosn as I discovered this I was attending everything possible!

Last night I had the good fortune to bump into Lady Hathaway who runs the SL Learning Center. The SL Learning Centre also has a website but you really need to visit it in world to have a sense of their service. The learning environment is designed to teach relevant Second Life skills. That is right you attend classes in Second Life and learn second life skills but for many a live class can be a problem. If like me you live in Australia often (not always but often) you are off earning a living when the main classes are being held or when you are very new you feel embarrassed when you cant keep up with the rest of the class. This is where tutorials come in to their own.

Next door to the Learning center is Tutorials 2 Go who have developed a range of tutorials to suit all levels. They range from Easy to Challenging and are colour coded accordingly. There are over 120 different tutorials to choose from and more added regularly.

There are also a few free tutorials so you can see what the quality of teaching is before you buy. You need to join the group and have your group tag active you to pick up the free tutorials.

Each month there is a competition for students who display what they have built.

To use the tutorial you simply rezz it. It is like a large slide show and you simply work your way through it using the forward arrows.

If you need to review a piece of information simply use the back arrows

SL Learning Centre SLURL