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Exploring the Land of Lar

March 28, 2013

I have been out exploring on the Easter hunt as one of the reasons hunts are so much fun is  that you get to discover places you have not visited before.

Land of Lar For me this was the case with the Land of Lar. The ramshackle gardens enchanted me.

Land of Lar I thought I would share some happy snaps.

Land of Lar I warmed myself by the fire before wandering further.
Land of Lar You do have to watch out for cow plats however ….

Land of Lar Someone let the chickens out …

Land of Lar Pull up your map and search for the “The Land of Lar” and teleport to visit or join the hunt.

InWorldz Easter Hunt 2013 will run until April 8th. What is the starting point?  Cozumal (233, 95, 82) or, once in InWorldz type Teal Etzel into search under the people tab and look in my profile picks for a start point landmark.


Follow the yellow brick road to the The Land of Oz

November 11, 2012

house One of the great things about organising this hunt is that I am having to get off my building platform and out an about a little more. In the process I am discovering lots of  places to explore.

As you can see something has happened here. I will give you a hint after a tornado we are no longer in Kansas …

fantasy garden

Today I was a passed a landmark for The Land of Oz and was told to follow the yellow brick road. I thought I would share some happy snaps with you.

Inworldz garden

As you can see its a interesting place and there is a shopping mall on the sky level.

To get to the The Land of Oz type that into your map with co-ordinates of 248, 240, 25

After exploring the gardens if you feel like shopping teleport to the shopping mall above.


Halloween pics

November 2, 2012

I thought I would share a few pics of the Abbey ruin taken on Halloween.

It a ruin and was easily decorated for the season

Click on the images for larger shots.

Where is the abbey? It is part of the Old Mill Garden gallery complex. I had a lot of fun building it.

To find the Old Mill Garden Gallery type Teal Etzel into the InWorldz search under the people tab and look in my profile picks. Where is the Abbey form there? Head towards the ocean and look past the maze and fun park and you will see it at top of the hill.


Fuschia Nightfire at Inworldz

May 16, 2012

Last night I decided to visit Fuschia Nightfire’s latest exhibit at Inworldz. ‘Not Everything Is Plain Black & White” is a series of installations  linked by colour. Or I should say lack of colour, as everything is black and white.

The strict pallet produces dreamlike quality. By the end of diving down this digital rabbit hole I was asking  what the viewers role is, in defining art. This question is  re-enforced by wearing any of the free skins and clothing that you can collect at the landing point. Wearing these make your avatar become part of the installation. It’s a very interesting visual experience.

The ‘Not Everything Is Plain Black & White’ by Fuschia Nightfire is hosted on Falathrim region by Fleure Homewood

Other work (unrelated to this exhibition) by Fuschia Nightfire’s is at S&S Gallery of Fine Arts at InWorldz. Also at the same location is a shop of Art to Wear items including a free dress.

There is a great video of the installation by Spiral Silverstar

Also Designing Worlds interviewed and made a TV program about the installation

There is also a flickr group associated with this exhibition


The Ruin at Gyaros

April 19, 2012

I thought I would share a little of what has been keeping me busy. I now have 2 regions covered in gardens for people to explore and enjoy and like all gardens they are always changing and developing. These are the ruins at Gyaros

All are welcome to visit and explore

On Gyaros you will find about 30 new types of sculpty trees and about 80 new different types of fields of flowers and grasses. These are single prim and ideal to fill meadows and forest glades. They can all be copied so you can be generous with them. Since spring is in the air they quickly add low prim colour to any area.

If you take a wander around the region you will see lots of new plants. Prices start at 50 izzies and are copy and mod, no trans making them very good value

Both Mile and Gyaros are part of mainland 2 and I have joined the InWorldz mainland Chart aka “the Cyprus Chart”. The aim is to keep the place pleasant for sailors as well as for flyers.

Simply put, those mainland regions that have agreed allow free passage of boats, submarines, hot air or powered flying machines, etc land options are set to Object Entry on for all residents and they can run scripts. Obstacles such as off-sim decor that would hinder passage in Iz Straights, or skyboxes under 500 meters are not allowed. Also some regions have a rezz zone so that sailors and aviators can recover from a crash and allow them to re-rezz a vehicle  to continue their journey.

There is also a rezz area on the beach for anyone using the izzie straights that border both regions.

If you dont have a landmark type Teal Etzel into the InWorldz search under the people tab and look in my profile picks.