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Abraxus Academy a builders resource center

October 30, 2012

If you want to start building, brush up on your building skills or fill in some gaps in your knowledge of building techniques make time to visit The Abraxus Academy at Inworldz.

screenshot of builders resources

This region is an educational site that houses tutorials of various building techniques.Toddle over to the builders hall as if you are new to building you can start at the very beginning and discover what a prim is and travel this educational path right through to torturing them into different shapes.


At each station there are note cards that allow you to read and retain the information.

Also available by the door is a basic building Box set that is a complete kit lessons. On the other side of the door you will find a Class Schedule as the Abraxus Academy as there are also tutors who hold classes at the sim. All classes that are suitable of those that are new to building through to intermediate builders
also if you use google calendar upcoming classes can be found here

If you venture outside a courtyard contains information on the building interface including the texture and colour picker windows.

Also outside you will find the Chapel Schoolhouse  where you will find a number of self paced lessons available. Self paced lessons are ideal if you are one of those folks that get lost in a class situation, and embarrassed to ask questions if you can’t keep up, if English is a second language and you need things to move a slower  or if you are timezone handicapped which means you are either trying to learn something when your body clock is at its worst or you simply miss out.

A huge plus is that the basic building classes are completely free. There no risk. So click on those boxes as you have nothing to lose and possibly a whole new interest to gain.  Notes are a rezzable book and are designed as self paced lessons. The idea is to rezz the book on the ground so the instructions can be read while building.

Other educational building kits I noticed are priced from 8 izzies to 25 izzies which is more than reasonable as kits contain textures, sculpts, animations, scripts, sounds etc that are required to make the item.  I purchased a 2 basic projects and 4 intermediate projects. I wanted to test each level to see what the quality was like. Once again at this price you get really good value as everything is supplied to enable you to complete the project.

I am possibly a harsh critic as I was a lecturer in new media for over a decade. Directions in these lessons are very clear and precise although for total beginners I would have included a few more screenshots. Steps were well described but after many years of teaching in Rl I know the if people can see an illustrated instruction for some reason they feel more secure. So screenshots are more about the psychology of teaching rather than the actual content provided. However I want to stress that all information is delivered in clear precise english that is easily understood.

Most people really like the contained unit of a rezzible book. It gives them a section to work through and sense of achievement when done. This is not to underestimated as working through any tech instructions can be a hard task and many people simply lose focus and concentration so every little teaching trick helps! So in my opinion the self contained nature of these rezzible books have advantages in the process of learning something.

Before you leave the building don’t forget to pick up the freebies on offer and join the group! This is an excellent educational service. The materials supplied are really good and since much of the basic building lessons are free it is a wonderful  service  that I hope more Inworldz residents avail themselves of classes and information.

To find it open up your map and type in Giffu with co-ordinates of 168, 149, 21

Please note other than joining the Abraxus Academy group I am not associated with the Academy in any way nor did I receive a financial incentive to write this review.


Take the Third annual grid survey

October 26, 2012

screenshot of websiteMaria Korolov over on Hypergrid Business is running the Third annual grid survey to determine how Open Sim users are rating such aspects as content, support and technology. She is also interested on if you spend your time on 1 or 2 grids. Of course the more people who participate the more useful the results as a large number of participants can paint a clear image of how people feel.

The deadline to take it is October 31st and you will find The Third annual grid survey  here.


More goodies from the 2012 Halloween Hunt

October 25, 2012

In the 2012 Halloween Treasure Hunt gifts there are many decorator goodies that you can use all year
screnshot of gift
There are more free decorator items that can be used all year around such as this grandfather clock from Wind River Homes.
screenshot of gift
These table and freestanding candles found at New Brunswick are a great gift as they fit the theme of halloween yet can be used all year around
screenshot of gift
This computer desk from Plumtree Furniture & Decor is just what I needed to write this blog! The animation that accompanies it is very life like making it one of my favourite of all the gifts.

I hope this and the last few posts will tempt you to explore the Inworldz grid and have fun on the hunt.

There are other fine gifts that are worth seeking out and  to adding them to your inventory. The Hunt runs until November 12 so you have plenty of time. To get to the start point, once in InWorldz type Teal Etzel into search under the people tab and look in my profile picks for a start point landmark.


2012 Halloween Hunt gifts!

October 22, 2012

There are quite a few fall and Halloween decorator goodies in the gifts from the 2012 Halloween Treasure Hunt. Tonight I thought I would share some pics of those.
screenshot of gift
At this time of year you can never have enough pumpkins to scare the willies out of your visitors and these Jack-o-lanterns from Festive Occasions are useful tucked into the corner or on a step.

screenof gift basket
Decorator items are always handy such as this autumnal basket gift from Lottie Garden and Home.

This lazy cat lounging under a spider web covered dead tree is a halloween item from Sunrise.

That is all I can share with you tonight. I will be back soon to share more finds from the 2012 Halloween Grid Wide Treasure Hunt.

The Hunt runs until November 12 so you have plenty of time to add these items to your inventory. Once in InWorldz type Teal Etzel into search under the people tab and look in my profile picks for a start point landmark.


Unpacking more goodies from the 2012 Halloween Hunt

October 20, 2012

I have taken a look at more of the goodies from the 2012 Halloween Treasure Hunt and wanted to share a few more  delights.

The first gift I want to share is from Teal’s Garden is an Autumnal birch tree that is a very handy addition to your inventory as it copy and modify. I immediately planted 3!
screen of gift

A row boat from Equinox surprised and delighted me.

screen of boat


By chance the very next stop has an ideal gift to go with it.

At Oak Harbor at Shoalwater Estates the treasure chest contains two seagulls, one flying around the other. I liked this pair so much I went back and got another copy as I could see me using it. Cheating I know …  but I was really impressed with these two fellows and like so many things in virtual world look better within a 3D environment than static on the screen.
screen of sea gulls

Once again that is all I can share with you tonight. I will be back to share more finds soon.

The 2012 Halloween Hunt runs until November 12 so you have plenty of time to have fun. Once InWorldz type Teal Etzel into search under the people tab and look in my profile picks. Or do the same for Stefanik Dagostino for a start point landmark.