InWorldz Freebie Finders has a headquarters

November 16, 2012

The InWorldz Freebie Finders group has a headquarters. Now you might think this is a bit ho hum but come close to the screen for a moment so I can whisper a secret. The headquarters is packed with freebies!


1angelcares Writer founder of the InWorldz Freebie Finders group  (pictured below)  has been very busy setting it up. So just toddle over there as the place is full of freebies for both male and female avatars. You will stagger out under the weight of your inventory.
Where is it?
Pull up you map. Key in Island  with the co-ordinates 200 235 31 and teleport yourself there!

As a resident of Inworldz I would like to thank and all the designers who generously have donated a gift and the InWorldz Freebie Finders group.

One comment

  1. Teal, thank you so much for the lovely post! You are too modest to include this, but I will say here that you are also one of the wonderful designers lending her talents to the freebie wall! So thank you for that, too!

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