Exploring the Land of Lar

March 28, 2013

I have been out exploring on the Easter hunt as one of the reasons hunts are so much fun is  that you get to discover places you have not visited before.

Land of Lar For me this was the case with the Land of Lar. The ramshackle gardens enchanted me.

Land of Lar I thought I would share some happy snaps.

Land of Lar I warmed myself by the fire before wandering further.
Land of Lar You do have to watch out for cow plats however ….

Land of Lar Someone let the chickens out …

Land of Lar Pull up your map and search for the “The Land of Lar” and teleport to visit or join the hunt.

InWorldz Easter Hunt 2013 will run until April 8th. What is the starting point?  Cozumal (233, 95, 82) or, once in InWorldz type Teal Etzel into search under the people tab and look in my profile picks for a start point landmark.


InWorldz Art Fest

February 3, 2013

Once you are on the InWorldz grid pull up the map and put either Dreamz&Visionz, Collaborations or Cirque de la Luna into search and teleport to the 2nd Annual Elf Clan Art Fest as you will enjoy exploring.

Click on any of the images to see larger versions. All  these builds are along the theme “A Dream Come True”.

I decided to take some time out get off the building platform and take a few photos of the event.

Hopefully my happy snaps will tempt you to do the same.

This event is brought to you by the Elf Clan in association with  InWorldz Dreamz and Visionz Art Fest. Thanks to Jeri Rahja, Quadrapop Tree, Moontan Valeeva  and  Cinnamon Raymaker


InWorldz is developing

January 28, 2013

It is time for an update as there has been some key changes at InWorldz with some huge milestones met in the last month. The big one for many residents is that PhysX is here and has been rolled out on the main grid. Everyone is all chatter about it. Also the other bit of tech news is that Mesh is enabled on the Beta grid.
avatar choice
The other night InWorldz reached 70,000 users. When I joined it was sitting at 6,000 so I feel I have watched this world grow. One of the things that first dismayed me was that the first avatar newbies were given was such a Ruth! Now new residents have a much better choice. Of course from this point on you can customise all you want and  the InWorldz Mentors are around to help new avatars and there are many freebies to assist with the transition too.

To my regulars I have been a very tardy blogger lately. My excuse is that it is summer. I live on the East coast of Australia and to be honest it has been a hot dry season with most of the east coast on alert with high fire danger days. North of me there is floods. South of me their has been fires. Hopefully I will return to regular updates soon.


Re-Introducing InWorldz

December 2, 2012

I have been so busy preparing for the 2012Grid Wide  Christmas hunt that I have not been blogging much but I just had to draw your attention to  a  machinima that illustrates some of the marvelous builds you can explore, the strengths of InWorldz and the fun on the grid, has been released. Re-Introducing InWorldz 2013 was produced  by Pooky Media. Take a look it is a job well done if you have not been here lately you might want to drop by.


A Machinima made in the Flower Fields of Gyaros

November 22, 2012

I was totally delighted when contacted by Ometeotl Mikoyan as he had made a machinima at the Old Mill Garden Gallery and at the Flower Fields of Gyaros. Astoria Luminos is the fae ‘sited’ in the piece.

Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

As usual if folks ever want to visit just pull up my name under people in the search and hit my picks.