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InWorldz Easter Hunt 2013

February 19, 2013

hunt posterOnce again the Hunt club will be hosting a Easter Hunt this year.
It will be Grid wide so lots of fun running from March 22nd until April 8th.

If you are an InWorldz business interested in being a host contact Stefanik Dagostino via IM. applications close on the 18th of March.
If you are a hunter and want updates about this event, join The Hunt Club. It is free to join and there is a hints notecard and help if you get stuck.

Many residents enjoyed have enjoyed past hunts and I am sure they will enjoy this one too. As usual from the hunt club happy hunting!


InWorldz Art Fest

February 3, 2013

Once you are on the InWorldz grid pull up the map and put either Dreamz&Visionz, Collaborations or Cirque de la Luna into search and teleport to the 2nd Annual Elf Clan Art Fest as you will enjoy exploring.

Click on any of the images to see larger versions. All  these builds are along the theme “A Dream Come True”.

I decided to take some time out get off the building platform and take a few photos of the event.

Hopefully my happy snaps will tempt you to do the same.

This event is brought to you by the Elf Clan in association with  InWorldz Dreamz and Visionz Art Fest. Thanks to Jeri Rahja, Quadrapop Tree, Moontan Valeeva  and  Cinnamon Raymaker