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A Machinima made in the Flower Fields of Gyaros

November 22, 2012

I was totally delighted when contacted by Ometeotl Mikoyan as he had made a machinima at the Old Mill Garden Gallery and at the Flower Fields of Gyaros. Astoria Luminos is the fae ‘sited’ in the piece.

Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

As usual if folks ever want to visit just pull up my name under people in the search and hit my picks.


They say code is poetry…

November 20, 2012

Takes some time out of a busy day and listen to this piece of poetry titled Follow Me by Karima Hoisan over on Digital Rabbit Hole.
It’s a Mp3 you just have to click the link and hear a piece dedicated to scripters and “all those gods in a sandbox”.

It works as a piece … really! Go listen.


InWorldz Freebie Finders has a headquarters

November 16, 2012

The InWorldz Freebie Finders group has a headquarters. Now you might think this is a bit ho hum but come close to the screen for a moment so I can whisper a secret. The headquarters is packed with freebies!


1angelcares Writer founder of the InWorldz Freebie Finders group  (pictured below)  has been very busy setting it up. So just toddle over there as the place is full of freebies for both male and female avatars. You will stagger out under the weight of your inventory.
Where is it?
Pull up you map. Key in Island  with the co-ordinates 200 235 31 and teleport yourself there!

As a resident of Inworldz I would like to thank and all the designers who generously have donated a gift and the InWorldz Freebie Finders group.


Follow the yellow brick road to the The Land of Oz

November 11, 2012

house One of the great things about organising this hunt is that I am having to get off my building platform and out an about a little more. In the process I am discovering lots of  places to explore.

As you can see something has happened here. I will give you a hint after a tornado we are no longer in Kansas …

fantasy garden

Today I was a passed a landmark for The Land of Oz and was told to follow the yellow brick road. I thought I would share some happy snaps with you.

Inworldz garden

As you can see its a interesting place and there is a shopping mall on the sky level.

To get to the The Land of Oz type that into your map with co-ordinates of 248, 240, 25

After exploring the gardens if you feel like shopping teleport to the shopping mall above.


The 3rd Annual Gridwide Christmas Treasure Hunt

November 10, 2012

hunt club posterThe Hunt Club is pleased to announce that The 3rd Annual Christmas Treasure Hunt 2012 will be held from 7th of December through to 7th of January 2013 for the enjoyment of InWorldz residents.

If you are a hunter and want updates about this event, join The Hunt Club. It is free to join and if you get stuck at a tricky gift location there are hints and help.

If you are an InWorldz business and interested in being a host  contact me, Teal Etzel or Stefanik Dagostino via IM.

Previous Hunt Club events have been a great success. Many residents enjoyed have enjoyed them so happy hunting.