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Shabby Chic planters

November 3, 2012

It seems an age since I shared what I have been making. I am halloweened out, so last night while playing about I made these shabby chic planters.

I had the pram sculpt and decided to stick flowers in it!

There is a small range available of various fashionable colours at the landing point of the Old Mill Garden Gallery.

To find the location, type Teal Etzel into the InWorldz search under the people tab and look in my profile picks.


How slow do jelly fish drift?

June 8, 2012

For anyone who drops by the Old Mill on a semi regular basis you might be mistaken in thinking that not much building is going on. I have been busy, just not in an obvious place.

under the ocean at Mille

I thought I would share what I have been having fun building in the bay near the beach  house. as you can see there is a ship wreck and lots of sea grasses

I really like my jelly fish as it drifts slowly by with its flexi tentacles. It is a very slow drift perhaps a little slow as the fish dart about. It’s quite a contrast.

jelly fish

Mmm… thinks to self might have to speed them up a bit. I don’t want jelly fish doing hackies around the place but perhaps…


A display table for knick knacks half price for 1 week

June 6, 2012

I have been mucking about making things again and this time it is a shabby bohemian chic display table for collectors of knick knacks. In this case the collector is beachcomber because it comes filled with the flotsam found while taking long walks along a windswept beach.

The top of the table is glass that will slide open if you touch it. You can remove items and add your own or simply reshuffle the display to suit your taste.
Once you have your collection displayed to your liking touch the glass once again to slide the glass closed.

Priced at Half Price for 1 week

They are at the main landing point of the Old Mill gallery and will be half price for 1 week until I move them down to the beach house.

To find the Old Mill Garden Gallery type Teal Etzel into the InWorldz search under the people tab and look in my profile picks.


Group gift is out and new stuff to see

May 7, 2012

I just put out this months free  group gift which I hope people will enjoy. It is at the landing point at the Old Mill. It is in my picks just search for me (Teal Etzel)  under the people tab.

Also I have gone through a phase of making wrought iron outdoor furniture and sets are on offer near the landing point. They are Copy, Mod, No Trans.

The place has also had a bit of tidy up in the process odd bits and pieces have found their way out of my inventory and on display some of which are lanterns! How I managed to make so many lanterns and pot plant I will never know. I think I just like seeing how textures will behave on an object and as a result I end up with varieties of things. I do cull them but they still accumulate.


Free sculpts as far as the eye can see that are OK to use at InWorldz!

December 28, 2011

I was totally bummed when Es0 Torok had to leave InWorldz and one evening while going through no new sculpt map withdrawal I wrote to her about an extended licence. To my total delight I found out that Es0 is happy to have InWorldz residents use her builders sculpt maps on other grids. Of course this service is for people to use the sculpts as they are meant to be as part of a build. You need to contact her via notecard or email but basically it means you can shop in her shop and she will deliver them to you for use on another gird via email as a zipped folder.

A New VIP group that is really worth joining

Then … I heard Es0 was developing a new VIP group that allowed all Warehouse builder full perm boxes available to LC Sculpts VIP group members for free. Yes for free! There is a 3,000 L fee to join the group  but wait for it enrollment is currently 1500L with the price going back up to normal on January 1st.

When I read the notice I thought the deal would be open to SL residents only. Simply because of the work involved in delivering to folks on another grid would be too much. I emailed her on the off chance and how wrong I was. The VIP offer is open to Inworldz residents too! Her fantastic VIP freebies she will deliver them to you via email as a zipped folder!

OK what is in the boxes?  In Es0’s words from her notecard

“These are sculpts that :
– Didn’t make the cut for a final package (it may have had minor flaws, it wasn’t the shape I was going for or I rounded off the number of sculpts in the package and this was left over).
– I created and was going to package.. may have even had them all set out for packaging, but got distracted and never had the interest to get back to them.
– I was playing with new sculpting methods or enhancing existing sculpts for a special request.”

Just look at the screen shot – sculpts to play with as far as the eye can see! Not only can you be a glutton Es0 will deliver them to you! Also its OK to use them at InWorldz! At the moment there are hundreds – I mean it hundreds of full perm sculpts free to members of the LC VIP group.

Also in the mainstore there is a 50% off VIP vendor up at the main store. Not every set is in there but if you are at all in doubt about joining the VIP group this should tip your decision in its favour. There is some great sets in the vendor. I noticed the waterfall sets that I already have and used for this waterfall at Mille.

And this grotto area.

About LC Sculpts
Firstly Es0 Torok allows you to buy a demo version of all sculpts that are copy/modify no trans. This means you can take them home and try the product before you buy. To be honest when I was first learning to build in SL these  demos was one of the ways I learnt to build. I would try her boxes and experiment with the sculpts and in the process learnt much!

Prices are very reasonable and the sets are well developed and unlike some sculpt sets I have purchased as you can see from the screenshots above I use them. I find they are handy for all sorts of builds and very adaptable.

Yes this is a post full of exclamation marks. To be honest I think LC Sculpts offers one of the best deals possible to builders. I am not affiliated in any way with LC Sculpts and don’t gain any advantage from writing this,  but wanted to spread the word about a good service.

Make a cuppa, log in to SL join the group,  visit the LC Sculpts Warehouse and collect the VIP gifts and go to the shop to take advantage of the 50% vendor. Send a notecard to Eso and she will deliver to you within a couple of days.

TP to the Warehouse

TP to LC Sculpts