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Places to explore while hunting on the InWorldz Grid

June 22, 2012

I have been out checking chests to help Stefanik Dagostino with The Sunny Days Grid Wide Treasure Hunt.
Sunny Day hunt location
Hunts are a great way to explore the world, find places of interest and collect free gifts along the way!

Sunny Day hunt location

I thought I would share a few of the scenic places I explored while checking the hunt run.

Sunny Day hunt location

Previous hunts organised by Stefanik Dagostino have been a great success and I am sure this one will be too. This hunts starts on the 23rd and will run until July 9th
Sunny Day hunt location

If you are a hunter and want updates about this event, join The Hunt Club. If you get stuck at a tricky gift location there are hints and help.
Sunny Day hunt location


Preparing for the Sunny Days Grid Wide Treasure Hunt

June 21, 2012

It is not long to The Sunny Days Grid Wide Treasure Hunt as it starts on June 23rd . It will run until July 9th. There has been a flurry of boxing and hiding chests.

I have been busy making my gifts. What could be more summery than a large decorative pot of sunflowers that have attracted the butterflies?


I also am giving away a wishing well.

wishing well
Also a large arch to place at the entrance of a garden.

arch of blue flowersI hope people like my gifts.

OK no time to dally as I am off to help Stefanik Dagostino check the run through.

If you are a hunter and want updates about this event, join The Hunt Club. It is free to join and if you get stuck at a tricky gift location there are hints and help.


How slow do jelly fish drift?

June 8, 2012

For anyone who drops by the Old Mill on a semi regular basis you might be mistaken in thinking that not much building is going on. I have been busy, just not in an obvious place.

under the ocean at Mille

I thought I would share what I have been having fun building in the bay near the beach  house. as you can see there is a ship wreck and lots of sea grasses

I really like my jelly fish as it drifts slowly by with its flexi tentacles. It is a very slow drift perhaps a little slow as the fish dart about. It’s quite a contrast.

jelly fish

Mmm… thinks to self might have to speed them up a bit. I don’t want jelly fish doing hackies around the place but perhaps…


A display table for knick knacks half price for 1 week

June 6, 2012

I have been mucking about making things again and this time it is a shabby bohemian chic display table for collectors of knick knacks. In this case the collector is beachcomber because it comes filled with the flotsam found while taking long walks along a windswept beach.

The top of the table is glass that will slide open if you touch it. You can remove items and add your own or simply reshuffle the display to suit your taste.
Once you have your collection displayed to your liking touch the glass once again to slide the glass closed.

Priced at Half Price for 1 week

They are at the main landing point of the Old Mill gallery and will be half price for 1 week until I move them down to the beach house.

To find the Old Mill Garden Gallery type Teal Etzel into the InWorldz search under the people tab and look in my profile picks.


Help InWorldz get a Small Business Grant with your vote

June 4, 2012

For those who don’t track the InWorldz forums recently Elenia (one of the Grid Founders) wrote in this post

InWorldz is a small business, and as such, one of our absolute biggest challenges is balancing funds with things that are needed for the grid. Paying out payroll, license fees, contractors, not the easiest thing to balance. Our bank, Chase, has an offering for small businesses and we’re going to need YOUR help. They are offering 12 small businesses a $250k grant to help them grow. To do so, we have to fill out an application, then we need 250 votes from our customers.

To get behind InWorldz and to vote you need to go to Mission: Small businesses
Scroll down log in to with Facebook (I used my RL account)
In the Business name Field simply type in InWorldz and click search all the either info about InWorldz comes up and you vote
It’s as easy as can be and really only takes a moment.