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The Surreal art of Claudia222 Jewell

March 8, 2012

I decided to pay a visit to second life as I had heard chatter about an art installation I was told I should go and see. After this being re-enforced by my lunch time reading in the Metaverse Tribune. Iris Creighton’s piece Truly Immersive made me decided to get off my builders platform and go and take in some culture. Spirit has been created by Swiss artist Claudia222 Jewell and really should not be missed.

These images are all screen shots taken directly and are all un-photoshoped.

To view this installation you need to have mesh enabled viewer and in your graphics preferences crank up everything to the best quality your machine will allow, and if things take a while to appear be forgiving as it is worth it!

Installations like this delight and fascinate. This surreal piece contains motifs of flight, freedom and constraint, familiar and unfamiliar which all sit side by side to evoke mixed feelings of fascination tinged with horror.   There is a fine balance between recognizable and unrecognizable evoking both the human and the alien. Some would rad the experience has having a slight optimistic tinge of metamorphosis in the air others would sense death and decay.

Everybody will take away something different from this installation making it very much worthwhile visiting.

SLURL: Spirit at Artscreamer

Spirit has been created by Swiss artist Claudia222 Jewell and there is a wonderful machinima on YouTube by  Spiral Siversta titled the Surreal and Sublime. I found it very jerky to stream but once again worthwhile and patience will be rewarded.


Free textures

October 23, 2011

I have recently purchased a copy of Filter Forge and am really enjoying it. Why I did not buy it before now, I just don’t know. It was probably some slight technical hitch like not having a lot of money to throw about.

Anyway I thought I would share a few wallpaper textures I made. I hope you enjoy them and find them useful.

These are freebies. You are free to use them in your builds and sell those builds. Please sell or don’t pass them on as textures. Pass folks the link to this blog instead.

For those that have Filter Forge the filter is called Wall Paper Creator and thanks to the filter designer CFandM. I know it’s not necessary but credit where credit is due, as lets face it I just tweaked.

Leave a comment as I will post more as I make them if people find them useful

If you click on the image you can go to a 512 x 512 size

In the meanwhile happy building at InWorldz!


Steve Jobs has died

October 6, 2011

Today Apple announced that Steve Jobs has died at the young age of 56. Many better than me will write about how he was was co-founder of Apple a great innovator, marketer and communicator.

His creativity and the company he founded literally changed how we do things. His legacy is huge, and has touched many peoples lives.


I am still here

March 12, 2011

Just a very quick note to let folks know I am still here. My father has had a bad health scare and at 85 that is serious.

Work is also keeping me busy. Later this month I will be traveling for 2 months with irregular internet connection so if things are quiet you know why.

Meanwhile I am still adding bits and pieces to Mille. This garden area is the latest.

As you can see I am using the place for some down time.


Something to contemplate over a cuppa

February 15, 2011

Over on Hypergrid Business, Iggy O has drawn on his PhD work looking at the history of technological systems and how the public responded to them, to examine paths not taken, and mistakes made by Linden Lab.
Failure to Disrupt: Why Second Life Failed is definitely worth reading over your coffee break and considering when venturing into other 3D worlds.

“This is not an obit. At the same time, only the most ardent SL-cheerleaders would deny that the virtual world has stagnated. In the case of education, I expect no more than a gradual decline in participation.  Other worlds await us, and many of them are linked together and provide content. When I saw a noted artist from SL building in InWorldz, I knew something tectonic had shifted.”