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What is this?

July 24, 2011

What is this? A yard sale? A take over of the Twisted Thorn Textures yard?  A strange form of InWorldz ghosting? No relax it is none of these things that you are looking at.

Every now and then Nighty Goodspeed opens up the front area of her shop for the weekend so that members of her InWorldz group can participate in gift exchange.  (Nighty does this in SL too)

I love these weekends. Apart from the obvious point that their are free things to stuff into my inventory, I love a chance to see what others are making. I often learn something and think “I had not thought to do this that way!”

The gift exchange is a great way for builders to meet up, see each others work and get to know each other and share a common interest, particularly if you are not really a ‘party’ person which I am not.

The Twisted Thorn Textures group exchange weekends are fun. All you have to do, is be a member of the group and have the group tag active to take the gifts.

This is the gift I left out for fellow group members.

Please note: I did not receive any financial incentive to write this. Apart from being a member of the Twisted Thorn Textures group I am not affiliated with the business in anyway.  Nor is Nighty Goodspeed on my friends list.


Work in progress Wednesday: the beach area

July 21, 2011

Time to get back to my work in progress reports. In all likely hood they are likely to be tinkering around reports.

For some time I have been fiddling with a pile of drift wood at the beach area. There is a fire a pile of drift wood some banked up against grass.  Recently I set out some rugs and cushions I made.

I am inclined to get stuck on details as with this area I made grasses, sea shells, driftwood etc .

I also made some little treasures for people to discover.


Popcorn and Amusement parks

July 18, 2011

What am I doing with old-fashioned popcorn machine? It is one of the most fun Needle in a haystack hunt prizes. I found it at MAAD : The Museum of American Architecture and Design.

Their hunt gift is a tie in with their current exhibit The Great American Amusement Park.

Intrigued to know how the world’s fair at the Crystal Palace in London,  pleasure gardens, Oktoberfest in Germany, and the celebration of industrial achievement influenced American amusement parks? Why the golden age of amusement parks changed as the suburbs grew? How amusement parks are still influencing places like Lego land?

Touch the information panels for notecards that explain the photographs and historical material on display.
There is a fascinating section on the history of the roller coaster.

If you have a spare hour or want a break from building pop over to The Museum of American Architecture and Design and explore The Great American Amusement Park exhibition as it runs until Sept 30th.

It is not the only exhibition on at the moment and I will return to explore further their events but do take a look at this one – Oh and hunt out the pop corn machine it dispenses very fine pop corn!

At Inworldz you will find MAAD : The Museum of American Architecture and Design at

(I know it says secondlife but if you copy and paste this into chat at InWorldz, open you chat window and click on the link to open a landmark and  teleport there)


Hunt Finds

July 13, 2011

These are a few of the  goodies found in the Needle in a Haystack hunt which started the other night.

I have only done a third of the hunt but I thought I would share some of my finds.

To reach the first location and collect the master list, at Inworldz copy and paste this into chat

Then open the chat and click on the link you will be taken  there. I know it says secondlife but it works.

You can join the Join the Booty Hunterz group  there as well and find out about regular grid wide hunts.

Now as to the prizes. First off Plumtree is giving away a 500 izies gift certificate. I thought that was a pretty good prize.

(location of the stop, not the hidden prize) Plumtree II, Plumtree II (96, 145, 657)

Wind River Furniture & Home decoration has gifted a rustic lantern with an on off switch that fits well at my beach hut.

(location of the stop not the hidden prize) Wind River Furniture & Home Deco, Dreamwalker (57, 202, 2002)

Finally this Oak gazebo from the Vintage fairy shop would fits well in to any garden.

(location of the stop not the hidden prize) Vintage Fairy Shop, Big Blue Easy (63, 222, 22)

Well I am off to enjoy more of the hunt. If I have time I share with you my best finds.


Needle in Haystack hunt

July 9, 2011

The grid wide Needle in Haystack hunt started last night. If you like exploring, encountering new places on the InWorldz grid while  collecting some freebies along the way you will enjoy yourself.  This hunt will provide a good few hours entertainment as there are over 60 stops with 2 stops on the list that have a hunt within a  hunt. Both are Malls that are hosting an extension of the hunt.

I am also offering a gift at the Old Mill Garden and Gallery. Hopefully people will like it when they open their box from me.

There is a master list of stops which can be collected from the first location. From there you can work your way through the hunt at your own pace. Master lists are good as if you get stuck, hit a glitch like the sim down or the owner has not set the prize out  you can move on to the next place returning later to the tough stops.

I plan on doing the hunt myself over the next couple of weeks and blogging any really good finds and places.

To reach the first location and collect the master list, at Inworldz copy and paste this into chat
Then open the chat and click on the link you will be taken  there. I know it says secondlife but it works trust me.