Work in Progress Wednesday Week 1

December 1, 2010

I have decided to take on a personal challenge to write a series of weekly Work in Progress posts on … wait for it … drum roll … Wednesdays!

I will try to make them interesting but if I am to be honest, Work in Progress posts are a self indulgence, as in time they will end up documenting what I make at InWorldz. I am not sure why other builders don’t do it.

As I said last week I have a new region to play with so I thought I would share a few screen shots.

As you can see I have started to terraform and established a water course, with the stream source being at the top of the hill and then tumbling down towards a dammed area. I still have lots of plants and greenery to add.

From the dam there is a water race that leads to a waterwheel on a mill. This mill is partly built as I got part the way and started to doubt my texture choice.

I spend half the time wandering about the region checking the key viewpoints at sunrise and sunset as I want visitors to discover viewpoints that are aesthetically pleasing.

My old friend the freebie rooster came with me from the S&S Gallery of Fine Arts. (See this humorous post for the back story). The bird brain regularly checks out what is going on. I am going to have to give  him a name as he is such nosy creature yet silly enough to be the but of jokes.

The rooster is by Gregg Legendary of Legendary Pets & Wildlife
Since SLURLs don’t yet work on this new grid if you search under a designers name (in this case Gregg Legendary) and go to either picks or classifieds you can teleport to the designers retail outlet.

I did popover to Legendary Pets & Wildlife to see what else was on offer and he has loads of fantastic animals. Once I have established the main areas of the gardens I will visit again as there really is a lot of fun to be had populating the place with all sorts of animals and birds. I will write more about Legendary Pets & Wildlife then, meanwhile I will save my virtual dollars.



  1. What a beautiful setting! I particularly like the second photo with the stream meandering down the hillside. Perfect for a picnic!

  2. Teal, was great meeting and chatting with you about your new venture Inworldz. Being a close neighbor, I hope we can become good friends as my wife, Jay Copperfield and I, have watched your progress with great interest. Good luck on your new region, Mille. You have a terrific beginning, to what I know, will be a beautiful area to visit.

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