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Re-Introducing InWorldz

December 2, 2012

I have been so busy preparing for the 2012Grid Wide  Christmas hunt that I have not been blogging much but I just had to draw your attention to  a  machinima that illustrates some of the marvelous builds you can explore, the strengths of InWorldz and the fun on the grid, has been released. Re-Introducing InWorldz 2013 was produced  by Pooky Media. Take a look it is a job well done if you have not been here lately you might want to drop by.


A Machinima made in the Flower Fields of Gyaros

November 22, 2012

I was totally delighted when contacted by Ometeotl Mikoyan as he had made a machinima at the Old Mill Garden Gallery and at the Flower Fields of Gyaros. Astoria Luminos is the fae ‘sited’ in the piece.

Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

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