Popcorn and Amusement parks

July 18, 2011

What am I doing with old-fashioned popcorn machine? It is one of the most fun Needle in a haystack hunt prizes. I found it at MAAD : The Museum of American Architecture and Design.

Their hunt gift is a tie in with their current exhibit The Great American Amusement Park.

Intrigued to know how the world’s fair at the Crystal Palace in London,  pleasure gardens, Oktoberfest in Germany, and the celebration of industrial achievement influenced American amusement parks? Why the golden age of amusement parks changed as the suburbs grew? How amusement parks are still influencing places like Lego land?

Touch the information panels for notecards that explain the photographs and historical material on display.
There is a fascinating section on the history of the roller coaster.

If you have a spare hour or want a break from building pop over to The Museum of American Architecture and Design and explore The Great American Amusement Park exhibition as it runs until Sept 30th.

It is not the only exhibition on at the moment and I will return to explore further their events but do take a look at this one – Oh and hunt out the pop corn machine it dispenses very fine pop corn!

At Inworldz you will find MAAD : The Museum of American Architecture and Design at

(I know it says secondlife but if you copy and paste this into chat at InWorldz, open you chat window and click on the link to open a landmark and  teleport there)


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