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More Photoshop and Illustrator goodies

February 7, 2008

3DTotal has collated a collection of 100 Photoshop tutorials. Pass your cursor over the thumbnails for a full description of what the tutorial covers.

Digital Arts has featured a CS3 tutorial on Exporting Illustrator layouts to Flash

Featured on Designer Today Beatriz Mariniello has written a tutorial on Scaling an object but not its stroke in Adobe Illustrator

Brusheezy has featured 15 Scratch Splat Grunge brushes for Photoshop


Photoshop and Illustrator Goodies

January 17, 2008  is a design centered blog that provides links to free icons, brushes and shapes, tutorials, vector graphics, patterns and the like.

Bittbox has released some free vector tree Silhouettes

Brusheezy has pointed to a set of  Branches and Foliage Photoshop brushes

Paul Lasaine has produced a Photoshop Brush Tutorial is a Photoshop resources website, which offer a large collection of free photoshop styles, shapes and gradient presets

Blend Photos With Apply Image is a tutorial that explains how to use the Apply image feature in Photoshop
” Apply Image allows us to blend, or “apply”, a layer and channel from one image with a layer and channel of another image. It’s similar to using layer blend modes to blend layers together in the Layers palette, with the added ability to blend individual channels together as well. This not only gives us much more control over how the images are blended, but also opens up far more creative possibilities and gives us better overall results.”

Russell Proulx has a tutorial on how to create a customized Photoshop Web Photo Gallery using HTML Styles