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Gallery Freenote is relocating to InWorldz

December 11, 2012

Many members of the SL arts community know Teal Freenote and her Gallery. Today on her blog Teal has announced she is relocating to InWorldz.
In her blog post announcing the move Teal Freenote says

“It seems ridiculous to keep maintaining such an expensive space when all my creative energy is being funneled on another grid for much less expense and much more creative freedom.”

Teal Freenote describes her work as virtual sculpture that concentrates on symbolic and dream imagery. Teal also works with virtual photography.

gallery at Inworldz

So when you visit InWorldz add Gallery Freenote to your tour of art establishments to see.

To get there, on the map it is Dreamwalker with co-ordinates of 204/148/24 or In search under people tab type in Teal Freenote and you will find a teleport link under her picks.