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Photoshop moody scene texture tutorial

January 12, 2011

screenshotOver on InSight Designs blog Amisha March has published a Photoshop Tutorial on using textures and different layers to produce a very moody scene from a standard photograph.
If you are builder or texture designer who is looking to improve their photoshop skills check it out as it is a great resource and there is always something new to learn.


Photographing textures

July 19, 2010

Ultimate Guide for Creating High Quality Textures by Caleb Kimbrough of Design Mag,  is a useful run down on how to photograph and polish textures.

Caleb Kimbrough briefly covers equipment , key elements to good texture photography and polishing your textures through editing.

Ultimate Guide for Creating High Quality Textures as a tutorial is concisely written, well  illustrated and clearly understood.

My biggest tip is to carry a camera with you everywhere you go.


Tutorial on how to create a seamless pattern texture

July 17, 2010

Over on Shopping Cart Disco Cyclic Gearz has written an excellent tutorial on how to create a patterned texture that is truly seamless and properly tiles.

In a new series How Do I Make? Cyclic Gearz tackles Pattern Creation in Photoshop for SL. The tutorial clearly describes the working process from how a design idea is developed to what type of pattern will work.

Cyclic Gearz promises every other Saturday a tutorial “on various things in SL”. So we had better watch out for them because if they are the same quality as this one they will be worth reading.


Tutorial available

July 1, 2009

Over on Discover the Virtual World, Rykerbeck has written a very good tutorial on Removing a Green Screen With Photoshop or GIMP. It’s a good tutorial with some good tips and Rykerbeck has covered both programs well.


Build a quick and cheap Photography studio in Second Life

July 2, 2008

Taking a  decent pic in Second life is s something I need to learn. Sarah Nerd of Your2ndPlace has written a step by step illustrated tutorial. Taking Decent SL Pictures Without Photo Equipment covers building and lighting a simple photo studio