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Water Wells half price for one week

November 7, 2011

I have been enjoying myself making water wells.

These new releases are out at half price for one week. At 90 izzies they a are a bargain. Included is a few weedy looking plants that you can dot around. They are Copy, no mod, no transfer.

You will find them  in the patio area of the Old Mill Garden Gallery.

After 7 days I will put them out in the gardens somewhere at full price.

To teleport the Old Mill Garden Gallery, under the people tab type Teal Etzel into the InWorldz search and look in my profile picks.

I also put out some free gifts for my group members.


Moments at the Old Mill Garden

September 29, 2011

I have been a busy little Avatar rebuilding and tinkering on my region at Mille.

I thought I would share some progress photos with  you. There are spots on the beach…

There are grottos to discover…

Waterfalls to marvel at …

The Garden is filling out and developing some atmosphere.

A maze to explore.

Quiet places to chat…

The Old Mill Garden Gallery is currently a semi-commercial PG rated region for all to enjoy. Drop by sometime I am sure you will enjoy it.

How to get there?
When in InWorldz search for Teal Etzel under the people tab and see my picks to teleport to the The Old Mill Garden Gallery. Then explore!


Work in Progress report

September 14, 2011

Time for a work in progress update! I have been a very busy little vegemite (just gave away the nationality with that expression) and thought I would share some photos of what I have been up to.
I was feeling a bit dissatisfied with Mille, so a month or so ago I decided to do some major renovations and additions. One thing lead to another and a fairly major re-build has been underway.
The Mill building has been softened with Wisteria that has made its way up the walls and to a trellis on the second floor. I added things like sculpt windows, shutters and window flower boxes. The courtyard had been divided and I have display room in the courtyard.

The gallery spaces have been expanded which allows for better viewing and I bow have room for more Objet d’art. The space also has a more airy feel.

In the last month lots of other places and things in the region has be either been rebuilt, added too or totally changed.
The Roman Ruin area has had a total re-vamp and every visitor I have had to place has liked it. I like the tone of the mood too so added a picnic rug and some pose balls for people to lounge around and chat.
I added another waterway which tumbles down the hill side to become a waterfall that rushes into the roman Ruin.

The fun news is that I have also built a small maze which is situated next to the Mill.

Also to be hunted for, discovered and explored is a  grotto  with caves and underground passageways.

If you feel like venturing out and exploring a bit come over an pay a visit . Type Teal Etzel into search under the people tab and look in my profile picks. All are welcome.  As you can see I have been busy!


Needle in Haystack hunt

July 9, 2011

The grid wide Needle in Haystack hunt started last night. If you like exploring, encountering new places on the InWorldz grid while  collecting some freebies along the way you will enjoy yourself.  This hunt will provide a good few hours entertainment as there are over 60 stops with 2 stops on the list that have a hunt within a  hunt. Both are Malls that are hosting an extension of the hunt.

I am also offering a gift at the Old Mill Garden and Gallery. Hopefully people will like it when they open their box from me.

There is a master list of stops which can be collected from the first location. From there you can work your way through the hunt at your own pace. Master lists are good as if you get stuck, hit a glitch like the sim down or the owner has not set the prize out  you can move on to the next place returning later to the tough stops.

I plan on doing the hunt myself over the next couple of weeks and blogging any really good finds and places.

To reach the first location and collect the master list, at Inworldz copy and paste this into chat
Then open the chat and click on the link you will be taken  there. I know it says secondlife but it works trust me.


Work in Progress week 8

January 20, 2011

Once again I am a little late with my Work in Progress Wednesday report. I hope this wont be the trend for the year!
With my return to work at the end of annual leave this week has been a bit busy but remarkably I got quite a bit done.

The roof is on the Roman bath house …

The mill area is named the Old Mill Garden and Gallery and I have not as yet had time to hang my paintings but this week I did that too.

The ground floor is going to become a coffee shop and gallery area. So far as you can see some of my paintings are on the walls. Actually they are photoshop images that I work, but I call them paintings.

This is the second floor. The stairs and landing still needs banisters. I am terrible for leaving little things and jumping in to furnishing.

Finally after much stair climbing this is the top floor. The attic area may become a studio/office space. I am really not to sure yet.

I set myself the challenge to build as much as possible the objects needed for this region. I figured if I was going to be so self indulgent as to have a region I should at least set myself the challenge so building most things on it.   I have drawn on builders resources from sculpt suppliers and texture shops but so far that is it.

So the last things made this week are these sculpty trees. I quite like the twisty gnarled way they turned out!

As you can see I have had quite a productive week and I cant quite believe I have only had the region for not quite two months (the two months mark will fall on the 27th) . Still lots to do, and lots more plants to get out, sounds to create mood then I have to attend to outdoor seating and have stuff for people to do other than just wander about. Lots more stuff to add. Planing a garden maze next… but that wont be for a few weeks yet …