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Tutorial on how to create a seamless pattern texture

July 17, 2010

Over on Shopping Cart Disco Cyclic Gearz has written an excellent tutorial on how to create a patterned texture that is truly seamless and properly tiles.

In a new series How Do I Make? Cyclic Gearz tackles Pattern Creation in Photoshop for SL. The tutorial clearly describes the working process from how a design idea is developed to what type of pattern will work.

Cyclic Gearz promises every other Saturday a tutorial “on various things in SL”. So we had better watch out for them because if they are the same quality as this one they will be worth reading.


Steam hunt gem to be found at Builders Brewery

September 15, 2009

I was told, by a friend that the steam hunt was good so to be companionable to decided to hunt for a while. Before I knew it, not only was I thoroughly enjoying myself but I had done the hunt!

Rather that put together a post that covered a whole swathe of items, I thought I would draw attention to just one of fine stops along the way, Builders Brewery.

The gift from Builders Brewery is a two story “Steampunk Victorian Whimsy Cottage”.

The cottage has some nice elements which include round lens windows, a curved roof line, two fireplaces, a rounded skylight and a clock at the front of the house. All point towards steampunk but the aged metal and stone textures consolidate the mood and set the tone.

You can see a copy of the Cottage at the prefab area of builders brewery and of course you can hunt for the prize.

Check out the rest of Builders Brewery while you are there …

Do take a look around Builders Brewery as they offer some fine items, classes  and have a fantastic warm group. If you put a question to the group there is usually someone online able and willing to help. Builders Brewery also run classes, supply builders tools and in their freebie section you can find some really good glass textures, and free mega prims.

Starting point for the Steam hunt

If you want hunt hints along the way Hunt Locations regularly blog hints without giving away the whole game away, as the author does not give out direct LMs

SLURL to Builders Brewery


I have a new toy

July 25, 2009

I have been having  a load of fun fiddling about with cushions – yes cushions! Simple, I know but I have been exploring texturing them just for the fun of it.

Actually it turned into fun because of a niffty building tool from Adroit Systems. It is a pose positioning system which is very easy to use even for a basic builder like myself.

You don’t have to use ugly pose balls and it is so easy it turned making these cushions into a fun evening rather than a trial trying to position my avatar properly as the “Posit” system allows the avatar position and rotation to be adjusted.

Not only that but Posit allows the camera view to be explicitly set to as you want it, for each seating position.

Directions are easily understood, so if you are not a crash hot builder it’s Ok and the woman who built it, Peri Lorefield is very approachable, and helpful.

I am not affiliated in any way with this product or Adriot Systems.  Nor do I stand to gain financially from this. I am just a happy customer … now I just have to find some full perm sit poses at a reasonable price

SLURL to Adriot Systems

Adroit System on Xstreet