Magic Rezzing deck from Luna Bliss as hunt gift

December 17, 2012

I have been a bit tardy with my hunt gift unpacking as family visitors means that I am not InWorldz as much but with this post I want to highlight this fantastic hunt gift thanks to Luna Bliss. I said there are some really good prizes in the Annual Christmas Treasure Hunt and this is another one.

relaxing in gardens
Well what is it? Here I am relaxing at the Old Mill Garden. This garden deck of 4 prims contains all sorts of items that you can rezz and enjoy. In this deck there are 30 animations for singles, couples and groups,7 types of food and drinks, 5 types of lights, 12 sounds and 9 types atmospheric effects. You can set the mood for all sorts of social interactions.

box label
The box label for the Magic Rezzing deck gives you an indication of what it contains and I want to say they are all well built and designed items. Thanks goes out to Luna Bliss. When you land at her spot on the hunt do take some time out to see the gardens she is building here at InWorldz.

The  Third Annual Christmas Treasure Hunt 2012 is held on the InWorldz grid and continues until the 7th of January 2013. So you still have plenty of time over the holidays to pick up some wonderful gifts

Where does it start?
The first chest is at Cozumal (103, 61, 37) but the easiest way is to look at the picks in my profile (Teal Etzel). I have the starting point listed there, and you can teleport directly to the first chest in the hunt


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