The hunt is spinning me round and round

December 12, 2012

Christmas hunt gift spinning topNow what is my avatar doing sitting on this big spinning top? I have been having loads of fun.

I have been unpacking more of the the hunt gifts and these huge spinning tops are thanks to the generosity of Taika Wirsing. Actually I got totally sidetracked with this one as I ended playing then ‘arranging’ them in the fun park at the Old Mill!

They spin and have some funny sit animations in them. I like them so much I am going to keep them as permanent feature of my Fun Park at Mille.  (I am not telling where to find them, there is a hint list in the first chest and that is more than enough of a spoiler!)

hunt giofts out at the fun park

There are some really good prizes in the Third Annual Christmas Treasure Hunt 2012 which will be continue until the 7th of January 2013.

Where does it start? At Cozumal (103, 61, 37) or the easiest way is to take a peek at my profile (Teal Etzel) and see the picks as I have the start point there and you can teleport directly.

As usual happy hunting from The Hunt Club!


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