Unpacking goodies from the 2012 Halloween Hunt

October 18, 2012

Well I have been unpacking the goodies from the 2012 Halloween Treasure Hunt and there is quite a freebie haul I promise you.

In treasure chest at Victoria, there was a generous bunch of goodies. I really took a liking to the spooky tree from Legendary Creations. This is fun place to explore so don’t hit the chest and run. Poke around a bit, take you time and enjoy the hunt.

screenshot of item
I never thought of ghosts as being cute until I saw these little fellows. There are still and animated versions as the gift from the Halloween shop.
screenshot of item

I was thrilled with this this barrow of ghoulish stuff from NoHaven Halloween Supplies as it fitted perfectly with my graveyard!
screen of item

Well that is all I have time to share with you tonight. I will be back to share more finds as I unpack them.

The 2012 Halloween Grid Wide Treasure Hunt is hosted by the Hunt club and runs until November 12 so you have plenty of time to have fun. Once InWorldz type Teal Etzel into search under the people tab and look in my profile picks. Or do the same for Stefanik Dagostino for a start point landmark.


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