Fuschia Nightfire at Inworldz

May 16, 2012

Last night I decided to visit Fuschia Nightfire’s latest exhibit at Inworldz. ‘Not Everything Is Plain Black & White” is a series of installations  linked by colour. Or I should say lack of colour, as everything is black and white.

The strict pallet produces dreamlike quality. By the end of diving down this digital rabbit hole I was asking  what the viewers role is, in defining art. This question is  re-enforced by wearing any of the free skins and clothing that you can collect at the landing point. Wearing these make your avatar become part of the installation. It’s a very interesting visual experience.

The ‘Not Everything Is Plain Black & White’ by Fuschia Nightfire is hosted on Falathrim region by Fleure Homewood

Other work (unrelated to this exhibition) by Fuschia Nightfire’s is at S&S Gallery of Fine Arts at InWorldz. Also at the same location is a shop of Art to Wear items including a free dress.

There is a great video of the installation by Spiral Silverstar

Also Designing Worlds interviewed and made a TV program about the installation

There is also a flickr group associated with this exhibition

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