Some of the treasures found on the Christmas Hunt

December 12, 2011

The 2011 Christmas Grid wide Treasure Hunt is well underway and I thought I would share some of the gifts to be found in those treasure chests!

Santa totem from Gregg Legendary on the Bonus hunt
Christmas Elf by Jeri Rahja from Everyday is Christmas
Frosty the snow man by Nikki LaFleur of Heavenly Delights Gifts and Bakery
Holiday Tree created by Taika Wirsing of Equinox

Roasted Chestnuts Cart created by Ruby Vandyke of the Christmas Market Shop

Holiday Swing with Pine Arbor and Wreath from Teal Freenote of Wind River Furniture & Home Decor, Dreamwalker

Ivy & Holly Berry Bowl with Floating Candles created by Smokie Ember of West Wind Estates Prefabs, Georgian Bay

Small Sled and pose created by Taika Wirsing of Equinox

Incense and Meditation Pillows created by Lindee Ellsmere of Plumtree Furniture & Decor

Frozen Fae statue created by Special Magic, Sidhe na Daire, Connemara

I always wanted a bike for Christmas I got this Red bike from from Jay Copperfield and Tenbears Running of Scrimshaw Ltd

Hunts are a great way to explore the world, find new places of interest and of course collect free gifts along the way! Many of the designers have multiple businesses at InWorldz. If you open up search and type in their name in the people search often you will discover some great small business in their picks.

To teleport to the hunt start, under the people tab type Teal Etzel into the InWorldz search and look in my profile picks. Or do the same for Stefanik Dagostino as he has the starting point in his profile pics too.

If you want updates on this event, help from fellow hunters and general fun, join The Hunt Club. It is free to join. You will find the group in my profile, or in Stefanik Dagostino’s profile.

If you are an InWorldz business and interested in hosting a gift in future hunts contact Stefanik Dagostino via IM or drop him a notecard.


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