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Free sculpts as far as the eye can see that are OK to use at InWorldz!

December 28, 2011

I was totally bummed when Es0 Torok had to leave InWorldz and one evening while going through no new sculpt map withdrawal I wrote to her about an extended licence. To my total delight I found out that Es0 is happy to have InWorldz residents use her builders sculpt maps on other grids. Of course this service is for people to use the sculpts as they are meant to be as part of a build. You need to contact her via notecard or email but basically it means you can shop in her shop and she will deliver them to you for use on another gird via email as a zipped folder.

A New VIP group that is really worth joining

Then … I heard Es0 was developing a new VIP group that allowed all Warehouse builder full perm boxes available to LC Sculpts VIP group members for free. Yes for free! There is a 3,000 L fee to join the group  but wait for it enrollment is currently 1500L with the price going back up to normal on January 1st.

When I read the notice I thought the deal would be open to SL residents only. Simply because of the work involved in delivering to folks on another grid would be too much. I emailed her on the off chance and how wrong I was. The VIP offer is open to Inworldz residents too! Her fantastic VIP freebies she will deliver them to you via email as a zipped folder!

OK what is in the boxes?  In Es0’s words from her notecard

“These are sculpts that :
– Didn’t make the cut for a final package (it may have had minor flaws, it wasn’t the shape I was going for or I rounded off the number of sculpts in the package and this was left over).
– I created and was going to package.. may have even had them all set out for packaging, but got distracted and never had the interest to get back to them.
– I was playing with new sculpting methods or enhancing existing sculpts for a special request.”

Just look at the screen shot – sculpts to play with as far as the eye can see! Not only can you be a glutton Es0 will deliver them to you! Also its OK to use them at InWorldz! At the moment there are hundreds – I mean it hundreds of full perm sculpts free to members of the LC VIP group.

Also in the mainstore there is a 50% off VIP vendor up at the main store. Not every set is in there but if you are at all in doubt about joining the VIP group this should tip your decision in its favour. There is some great sets in the vendor. I noticed the waterfall sets that I already have and used for this waterfall at Mille.

And this grotto area.

About LC Sculpts
Firstly Es0 Torok allows you to buy a demo version of all sculpts that are copy/modify no trans. This means you can take them home and try the product before you buy. To be honest when I was first learning to build in SL these  demos was one of the ways I learnt to build. I would try her boxes and experiment with the sculpts and in the process learnt much!

Prices are very reasonable and the sets are well developed and unlike some sculpt sets I have purchased as you can see from the screenshots above I use them. I find they are handy for all sorts of builds and very adaptable.

Yes this is a post full of exclamation marks. To be honest I think LC Sculpts offers one of the best deals possible to builders. I am not affiliated in any way with LC Sculpts and don’t gain any advantage from writing this,  but wanted to spread the word about a good service.

Make a cuppa, log in to SL join the group,  visit the LC Sculpts Warehouse and collect the VIP gifts and go to the shop to take advantage of the 50% vendor. Send a notecard to Eso and she will deliver to you within a couple of days.

TP to the Warehouse

TP to LC Sculpts


Some of the treasures found on the Christmas Hunt

December 12, 2011

The 2011 Christmas Grid wide Treasure Hunt is well underway and I thought I would share some of the gifts to be found in those treasure chests!

Santa totem from Gregg Legendary on the Bonus hunt
Christmas Elf by Jeri Rahja from Everyday is Christmas
Frosty the snow man by Nikki LaFleur of Heavenly Delights Gifts and Bakery
Holiday Tree created by Taika Wirsing of Equinox

Roasted Chestnuts Cart created by Ruby Vandyke of the Christmas Market Shop

Holiday Swing with Pine Arbor and Wreath from Teal Freenote of Wind River Furniture & Home Decor, Dreamwalker

Ivy & Holly Berry Bowl with Floating Candles created by Smokie Ember of West Wind Estates Prefabs, Georgian Bay

Small Sled and pose created by Taika Wirsing of Equinox

Incense and Meditation Pillows created by Lindee Ellsmere of Plumtree Furniture & Decor

Frozen Fae statue created by Special Magic, Sidhe na Daire, Connemara

I always wanted a bike for Christmas I got this Red bike from from Jay Copperfield and Tenbears Running of Scrimshaw Ltd

Hunts are a great way to explore the world, find new places of interest and of course collect free gifts along the way! Many of the designers have multiple businesses at InWorldz. If you open up search and type in their name in the people search often you will discover some great small business in their picks.

To teleport to the hunt start, under the people tab type Teal Etzel into the InWorldz search and look in my profile picks. Or do the same for Stefanik Dagostino as he has the starting point in his profile pics too.

If you want updates on this event, help from fellow hunters and general fun, join The Hunt Club. It is free to join. You will find the group in my profile, or in Stefanik Dagostino’s profile.

If you are an InWorldz business and interested in hosting a gift in future hunts contact Stefanik Dagostino via IM or drop him a notecard.


2011 OpenSim Grid Survey

December 9, 2011

Hypergrid Business is conducting a survey of open grid residents to find out about their experience on grids such as InWorldz

Maria Korolov states that “The goal of this survey is to help potential new residents and merchants identify grids they’d want to visit — and to help alleviate some of the fears that people have about OpenSim grids.”

So pop over there and let her know about the grid you spend most of your time on. Results will be available next week.


2011 Christmas Grid wide Treasure Hunt starts soon!

December 6, 2011

I have been helping Stefanik Dagostino check host chests on the 2011 Christmas Treasure Hunt. Since hunts are a great way to explore, find new places while collecting a few free gifts along the way, I thought I would share a couple of photos I took last night. Some of the the locations are really lovely to explore.

2011 Christmas Treasure Hunt starts the 10th December 2011 and will until the 6th of January 2012.

If you are an InWorldz business and interested in hosting a gift, contact Stefanik Dagostino via IM or drop him a notecard but do it quickly as the hunt starts on the 10th.

If you are a hunter. Join the Hunt Group. You will find in my profile, in Stefanik Dagostino profile or a group joiner at the landing point of the Old Mill Garden Gallery.

This is going to be good hunt. It happens once a year so join us it is the season!


Designer Christmas Decorations

December 1, 2011

I have started to put out some Xmas decorations that are for sale. The new releases include some designer Christmas trees with tree skirts for those that dont want to live with too much bling.

Also I have some table decorator trees that are suitable for those who like the shabby chic decor with an emphasis on the hand crafted style.

Free Group gift too!
There is also a new group  gift set out. Just touch the decorator tree wearing your group tag and you will receive a gift and the tree!

Want some gossip? Just this week I purchased the region next door Gyaros. I plan to develop it in the new year after all the busy times of Christmas hunts etc. It will be an expansion of Mille another PG rated region for all to enjoy.  I am looking forward to building in it!

If you dont have a LM  type Teal Etzel into the InWorldz search under the people tab and look in my profile picks.