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Grid Wide Christmas Treasure Hunt

November 13, 2011

Ok its not just gossip. Stefanik Dagostino has announced in the InWorldz forums that there will be a Grid Wide Christmas Treasure Hunt. The starting date is December 10th running until January 6th.

The last hunt Stefanik Dagostino organised was a great success. I think there many fellow residents enjoyed it. Hunts are a great way to explore the world, find new places of interest and of course collect free gifts along the way!

If you want updates on this event, help from fellow hunters and general fun, join The Hunt Club. It is free to join.

If you are an InWorldz business and interested in hosting a gift contact Stefanik Dagostino via IM or drop him a notecard. He has his spread sheet set up and he tells me places are already filling. This is going to be good hunt!


The first annual Skin and Hair Fair has commenced

November 9, 2011

The first annual Skin and Hair Fair commenced the other day but  I only got a chance to  drop by yesterday.

It’s well worth the visit to see what was on offer as some good designers are represented. There are also some freebies to be found.

The stands will be up until the 13th of November so do swing by.

When in  InWorldz copy and paste this address into you local chat
Then open up your chat window and click on the link.




Water Wells half price for one week

November 7, 2011

I have been enjoying myself making water wells.

These new releases are out at half price for one week. At 90 izzies they a are a bargain. Included is a few weedy looking plants that you can dot around. They are Copy, no mod, no transfer.

You will find them  in the patio area of the Old Mill Garden Gallery.

After 7 days I will put them out in the gardens somewhere at full price.

To teleport the Old Mill Garden Gallery, under the people tab type Teal Etzel into the InWorldz search and look in my profile picks.

I also put out some free gifts for my group members.