The Where is it Quest

October 22, 2011

Out side the Museum at West Artistan Blue Dog and Lemon Head stand guard over the photos of the Where-It-Is quest competition.

All these sites in the competition are locations on the 2011 Halloween hunt. The idea is to match photos with place. Collect an entry form from the red box and after completing the list of where the photos were taken you submit it to the second box.

Cash Prizes of  2500, 1500 and 1000 izzies will be awarded for the first three people to submit the Where-It-Is Quest Entry Form accurately.

Where does the quest start?

When at InWorldz, into the search under the people tab, type Teal Etzel or Stefanik Dagostino and look in the profile picks for the hunt start. The Where is it Quest photos are outside the front of the museum (the hunt start is at the coffee shop on the roof).

When does the Quest start?
28th of October and it will run until the 9th November.Winners will be announced on the 10th of November.

How long does the hunt run?
The 2011 Halloween Grid Wide Treasure Hunt will run until 10 November. If you want updates on this event, help from fellow hunters and general fun, join The Hunt Club.


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