Brain Circuit Inc. Steampunk hunt

September 16, 2011

I ran into Olivia Winterwolf this afternoon and her hands and face were covered in grease and she was looking distractedly around Brain Circuit Inc. Olivia then explained that in tinkering with her latest project she cut a wrong wire and a disastrous explosion took place throwing cogs all over her main store and land.

Fortunately no avatars were hurt in this explosion but she does need help to find the cogs and clean up the place. As a result she is offering a prize to those who find all the cogs. Don’t miss this hunt the  Steampunk Insurgent outfit (pictured above) is a great prize. Some cogs are a little difficult to find as it took me about an hour to do the whole hunt but the prize is great.

Location is at Brain Circuit Inc. main store at Blues Bayou. To find it search for Brain Circuit under the classifieds tab and take the teleport.


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