What is this?

July 24, 2011

What is this? A yard sale? A take over of the Twisted Thorn Textures yard?  A strange form of InWorldz ghosting? No relax it is none of these things that you are looking at.

Every now and then Nighty Goodspeed opens up the front area of her shop for the weekend so that members of her InWorldz group can participate in gift exchange.  (Nighty does this in SL too)

I love these weekends. Apart from the obvious point that their are free things to stuff into my inventory, I love a chance to see what others are making. I often learn something and think “I had not thought to do this that way!”

The gift exchange is a great way for builders to meet up, see each others work and get to know each other and share a common interest, particularly if you are not really a ‘party’ person which I am not.

The Twisted Thorn Textures group exchange weekends are fun. All you have to do, is be a member of the group and have the group tag active to take the gifts.

This is the gift I left out for fellow group members.

Please note: I did not receive any financial incentive to write this. Apart from being a member of the Twisted Thorn Textures group I am not affiliated with the business in anyway.  Nor is Nighty Goodspeed on my friends list.


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