Hunt Finds

July 13, 2011

These are a few of the  goodies found in the Needle in a Haystack hunt which started the other night.

I have only done a third of the hunt but I thought I would share some of my finds.

To reach the first location and collect the master list, at Inworldz copy and paste this into chat


Then open the chat and click on the link you will be taken  there. I know it says secondlife but it works.

You can join the Join the Booty Hunterz group  there as well and find out about regular grid wide hunts.

Now as to the prizes. First off Plumtree is giving away a 500 izies gift certificate. I thought that was a pretty good prize.

(location of the stop, not the hidden prize) Plumtree II, Plumtree II (96, 145, 657)

Wind River Furniture & Home decoration has gifted a rustic lantern with an on off switch that fits well at my beach hut.

(location of the stop not the hidden prize) Wind River Furniture & Home Deco, Dreamwalker (57, 202, 2002)

Finally this Oak gazebo from the Vintage fairy shop would fits well in to any garden.

(location of the stop not the hidden prize) Vintage Fairy Shop, Big Blue Easy (63, 222, 22)

Well I am off to enjoy more of the hunt. If I have time I share with you my best finds.


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