Needle in Haystack hunt

July 9, 2011

The grid wide Needle in Haystack hunt started last night. If you like exploring, encountering new places on the InWorldz grid while  collecting some freebies along the way you will enjoy yourself.  This hunt will provide a good few hours entertainment as there are over 60 stops with 2 stops on the list that have a hunt within a  hunt. Both are Malls that are hosting an extension of the hunt.

I am also offering a gift at the Old Mill Garden and Gallery. Hopefully people will like it when they open their box from me.

There is a master list of stops which can be collected from the first location. From there you can work your way through the hunt at your own pace. Master lists are good as if you get stuck, hit a glitch like the sim down or the owner has not set the prize out  you can move on to the next place returning later to the tough stops.

I plan on doing the hunt myself over the next couple of weeks and blogging any really good finds and places.

To reach the first location and collect the master list, at Inworldz copy and paste this into chat
Then open the chat and click on the link you will be taken  there. I know it says secondlife but it works trust me.


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