Waving as I am back

July 8, 2011

Actually I have been back a good few weeks…

I confess I have been in Photoshop land as at the end of my trip sitting on my hard drive was over 13,000 photos.

Many of the photos were taken with the idea that I would make them into textures.

I came back with loads and loads of ideas and inspiration.

To be honest I probably am on overload with far too much material. That said I am sure I will enjoy working it, but at the moment after 6 weeks in Germany, France, UK and then Hong Kong I am still sorting images!

Anyway I wanted to ‘break the ice’ here, before my break in blogging turned into a permanent stop.

I wanted to simply let people know I am back, I am photoshopping like mad and even doing a bit of building at the Old Mill Garden and Gallery. Although it feels like I should change everything around I am at the moment resisting the urge to take it back to land and start again! But that is another story. . .

In the meanwhile I have photos to edit. . .


One comment

  1. It’s so good to see you back! Yes I can understand overload in stuff to work with. Very much so.

    Take care!

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