InWorldz Valentine hunt gifts

February 16, 2011

Tonight, I started going through the InWorldz Valentine hunt gifts. (I am determined to keep this inventory under control. This goal is probably overly optimistic but I can have fantasies…)

Anyway checking out the goodies was fun and look at this gem of a prize created by Piratelilly Topaz of Topaz designs. This swing is a great gift.

There have been a few glitches with the script that is inside the chests has been causing crashes. If you decline the Landmark and Accept the gift it seems to work fine but then of course you dont know the next stop along the way…

Stefanik came to the rescue and has produced a list of each of the stops in a notecard. You can collect it from the green post in the Coffee Shop which is the first stop in the hunt. If you are looking for the first stop check Stefanik Dagostino’s pics as the coffee shop is listed there.

OK back to my prize unpacking  … Teal smiles waves and optimistically toddles off into the sunset with a half organized inventory…



  1. I’ve been to your sim the other day and snapped a couple of pics. You’ve done an AMAZING job! It’s honestly breathtaking.
    (I also picked up your lovely gift at TTT, thank you!)

  2. thanks Leanna I am pleased you enjoyed the gift and Mille. As you can possibly sense I like making stuff.

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