Something to contemplate over a cuppa

February 15, 2011

Over on Hypergrid Business, Iggy O has drawn on his PhD work looking at the history of technological systems and how the public responded to them, to examine paths not taken, and mistakes made by Linden Lab.
Failure to Disrupt: Why Second Life Failed is definitely worth reading over your coffee break and considering when venturing into other 3D worlds.

“This is not an obit. At the same time, only the most ardent SL-cheerleaders would deny that the virtual world has stagnated. In the case of education, I expect no more than a gradual decline in participation.  Other worlds await us, and many of them are linked together and provide content. When I saw a noted artist from SL building in InWorldz, I knew something tectonic had shifted.”

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  1. Hey Teal! I got your msg inworld and forgot to respond in the rush to get my event going… yes I got the scarves and thank you so much!!! I love them!

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